My shop/barn build thread


I still find things after that I would have preferred they turn out nicer / better etc. Stupid engineering brain.



A buddy came over last night and we got the plastic vapor barrier up on the other half of the ceiling, and managed to get 5 more metal sheets up. Only 19 to go, hah. Hoping we can get the rest up by the end of next week.



The kraft faced insulation already has a vapor barrier integral so you don’t need the plastic. Only use plastic if you’re using unfaced fiberglass.


Right. Im only putting the plastic to the sides of where the kraft backed ends (where the blown in insulation is going). I think you can see where we taped the plastic to the kraft along the edge there.



Oops. Eyes are getting old.


Finished up the insulation today (not taped in the pic but its all done now). SOOO glad to be done with insulation (until I get back to the upstairs).

I also got all the seams on the ceiling plastic and insulation taped up so we can continue with the steel.

Yesterday I picked up the first 44" HF box. I slid it in this afternoon, perfect fit.



How do you like the HF box? I know guys on GJ rave about them.



HF I assume is Habor Freight? Also curious about how you like them.


I bought a HF upper / lower unit years ago and have no complaints.


The quality and finish is awesome. Sliders work great etc. My only complaint so far is the lack of more than one long drawer. I have quite a few longer things (heyo!) that dont fit in the lower drawers. Torque wrench, bore scope etc. Also I wish there were a few taller drawers in the lower part as my impact guns only fit in the very bottom drawer. I figure that wont be a problem once I have 3 of these suckers. Still, for $400 after tax its a great value.

Not a super exciting update but we got another 10 sheets of steel on the ceiling last night (9 to go). Ill probably put up the next few light fixtures friday.

Finished up some more shelves in the storage area. Im planning on one more set of 4x8 shelves in the middle of the room. Maybe next week.



That’s good to hear. I might pick a few of those up for the next garage. I’m still a year or so from it, but I’m getting ideas now.



The next garage…?



Yeah, we are outgrowing the house, we will be in a new house by this time next year, so " unfortunately" I’ll need to build another garage. Although one house we are seriously entertaining has a 40 x 60 already.



Friday I finished up the conduit for the network and other cables and also pulled the water line into the house.

Also more or less finished emptying out the attached garage, got some sheet rock up behind my old bench area (was plywood). Yay, now I have TWO garages to finish.

And finally, :drumroll: last night we finished the ceiling metal. Feels so good to finally have it all up and more importantly not taking up a couple hundred sqft of floor space.



Friday night I put up 4 more light fixtures. Ive since installed the bulbs. Just need one more fixture which Ill grab this week.

Saturday my daughter and I built a riser for the garage cabinets and got them screwed together and into place. I need to get the lowers painted but It will probably wait until spring. Just too much other stuff to do right now. I will likely pick up the new counter top for it soon so we can at least use the space. I really need to get a house tool box put together now that Ive moved to the barn. The garage is the emptiest its been since we built 11 years ago. I actually parked a car that didnt require work in there last night for the first time ever.

Yesterday my father in law and I scraped some sod and spread some stones out behind the barn to make room for my new 30’ long stainless steel “shed”.

The trailer is an old refrigeration trailer. The whole outside is 100% stainless except for the frame of course. It has an aluminum floor inside. I need to rebuild or replace the side and rear doors and make a ramp for the back but otherwise it was a super awesome deal and is a HUGE improvement over my current 10x14 rusty tin shed.



Man, what a set-up…


Why are the cabinets raised? Lawn mower storage in the trailer?


Because otherwise they are too short? I like my garage work surfaces like 39" tall or so.

Yep, mowers, shovels, rakes, all things yard related basically.



I love seeing this thread bumped, always punctilious work.


Spent about 2 hours cleaning out 4 5-gallon buckets of oily wood chips out of the trailer last night. What a mess.

Getting started

Much better!