My shop/barn build thread


Quite better!


Thus night I painted the next room under the stairs where the parts washer and sink will be. Also installed the FRP board for a back splash for them.

Friday I picked up the second 44" HF box.

Saturday I pressure washed the inside of the trailer. It looks much less like a place youd be cut up into pieces in now. No pics. I also picked up some supplies to redo the doors with. Hoping to get to that this week.



this is pretty awesome



Last thursday I finally ran several cat5 and coax lines around the building. For network, cameras, and a future tv etc.

Friday they came to do the pest resistant blown in insulation in the attic areas of upstairs. They only managed to get it half done as they failed to bring enough insulation. Looks like they will be back later this week to finish up.

Friday I got a new side door built for the trailer. I also had to replace the wood at the bottom of the opening as it was quite rotten. So some new PT at the bottom of the opening and a new 3/4" OSB wood door with a welded up metal angle frame wrapped in tyvek will get it done. I still need to come up with a latch / lock and I plan to sheet the outside likely in metal that matches the building.

Sat am I finally pulled cat5 from the barn to the house and got the wifi going. So nice to finally have that working since my 4G signal hardly works inside the double wall metal building.

Sunday I started welding up the 7.5’x4’ ramp for the trailer. Im planning to weld in the last cross piece and the metal mesh for the deck tonight (just picked it up yesterday)

Tossed a couple sheets of 2" foam over the stairwell to keep the cold out. I have plans to make something nicer eventually (hinged, weighted door setup with better insulation) but for now it gets the job done.

Also now have most of the PEX done. Yes, thats a LOT of shut off valves, but I like options.

Connections for the outdoor shower and silcock, as well as indoor H and C spigots for filling buckets, car washing, floor washing etc.

Im running the PEX around the surface of the inner steel except where I had to go behind the stairs. Likely Ill fabricate some sort of guard to go over them eventually. These lines continue through all the “rooms” under the stairs over to where the boiler will be located.



You must be single with no kids right?
I get home after work and the only time i have for my car is to lock the damn doors lol


Wife and I celebrated our 14th anniversary in August. My daughter will be 10 in Feb.

We have a pretty good system. Every other night is “garage” night. I typically head out around 9. Weekends are a tossup if I get out there or not depending on my daughters “events”.



Good Man ^


:tup: you’re doing it right


Who did you use for insulation and what type of blown?


For the blown in part, Terminix. A friend of mine is the area manager and got me a good deal on their pest resistant blown in product.



Been a while since Ive had time to do much in the shop since Ive been trying to get everything ready for winter and I had to do a little maintenance on the wife’s Audi.

Finished up the ramp for the trailer. Still need to get it coated, but until spring its just going to have to wait.

I finally got the trailer buttoned up enough for winter. Still working out what Im going to wrap the doors in so for now Tyvek will have to get it done. I had to replace a lot of the floor at the very back of it. Years of use and abuse cracked the aluminum floor right by the door and water got in and rotted the sub floor. 3 layers of PT 2x10s fixed that up.

Added a deadbolt to the side door.

And FINALLY got started on the boiler system. So far I have it mounted, the intake and exhaust done, and the copper for the floor side dry fit.

Today I need to pick up some more parts for the domestic side of the boiler. With any luck I should have it all plumbed up this week!



Nearly finished with the dry fit of the boiler plumbing. Just need to make some drains for the PRV’s and the condensation drain etc. And of course the gas line. I also got the t-stat wired up and figured out the wiring. Just need to pick up a couple things for that along with the gas lines today.

And a shot of the current state of the shop. I really need to pick up…



this shop is literally a dream of mine to have something of this caliber for personal use someday.





They finally came back last wed and finished the blown-in insulation upstairs.

This weekend I connected the water to the house and finished up the sink drain so I now have running water, cold anyway. Managed to have zero leaks in the PEX.

I soldered up all the copper on the boiler and finished crimping the PEX and added the drains etc. What a pile of spaghetti. So far Ive only had one soldered joint leak and a handful of NPT joints. I taped the threaded joints (and from what Im reading likely used the wrong tape on the large size pipes) so Im going to pull them all apart tonight and use some good paste instead. Hopefully that will solve the issues.

Also tested the wiring. Everything is working as expected. I was surprised to see the floor is still at 46 degrees even after quite a few cold days and nights.

Anyway, this is basically the finished boiler setup.



g’damn - this is coming along.
whats the floor sealed with? any further plans once you’re close to finishing for the floor?






I’d like to follow your opinions on the boiler. Seems much like the setup I had installed in my home last year. Wish I could say I was completely thrilled with it.


I forget the exact name of the floor sealer. The guys that poured the floor sealed it for me. I think it cost me $325. $300 for the product and $25 for them to spray it on. I dont plan on doing anything else with the floor. Its just too big to do much else without spending a shitton of money.

Ill let ya know.