My shop/barn build thread


Fixed up all the leaks last week sometime.

Yesterday around 11am the propane guy showed up with two 100 gal tanks, got them installed and the boiler fired up by noon.

Around 9pm I finally had this.

Then I spent some time starting to set up my “research” area. I will be mounting the monitor on the wall and hiding the cables but I still need a bracket.



Mounted the computer to the wall under the bench and moved the radio onto its side like it will be once I get the bench end panel done. Im going to see about getting the aluminum cut for that this week (and for the last section of the bench top) so I can finally finish mounting that up and remove the bucket. Still need to get the monitor mounted to the wall and feed the cables down through. I think the monitor mount is due today.

FINALLY bought some shelves yesterday. Have most of my boxes unpacked and most of the little bins moved out from the garage. Naturally its filling up fast but I still have a bit of room left. If I run out I can fit another section of 5 shelves next to these. Its hard to see in the pic but I cut a piece of grey melamine out to mount between the shelf poles next to the bench. Figure if nothing else it separates things a bit and creates more “wall” space to hang stuff. Perhaps some shelves to store all the Dewalt batteries and chargers.




Looking great. I want to build things in there.


What an incredible build here…


very nice!


You and me both!! I really cant wait til this is all done so I can just get back to car or other projects.



What, no NEST thermostat so you can adjust the temperature from Sri Lanka?


I just bought those same shelves for my basement, they’re great. I never thought of attaching them together like that though, that’s a really good idea.


NevAr. Plus Im pretty sure nest doesnt have a slab temp sensor input. That, and its fn stupid.

EDIT: Current temps are 57 room, 59 floor. Seems like things are finally stabilized. I was out there a few hours last night, I think the boiler only kicked on twice.

:tup: much sturdier connected together. Plus I was able to use the one bottom shelf from the tall section as a top shelf for the side. Worked out pretty well for me and the window situation.



Buddy dropped off some aluminum for me sat am. One piece for the bench end panel. I made a cutout for the radio but still need to add some mounting holes and get it powder coated. Im thinking red to match the HF boxes.

I also got all the pieces for my welding table cut and started a little welding on the top.

And whipped up this frame for a butcher block top I scored for free from a guy at work for the wifey. I had to order more gussets to do the top 4 corners. Otherwise it just needs a couple holes drilled to mount the top and some paint. Then of course refinishing the top itself.

Thats probably it until after xmas.



what do you do for a day job? lol.


Electrical Engineer.



progress looks great. I like the butcher block table.

I would love a similar setup, except having a separate room for the computer and such would be mandatory. the amount of metal fab I do would be way too messy even with regular clean ups to consider having it out in the open like that.


I was going to make a thread about my garage, but after seeing all of this it would be like showing off a lego house to a custom home designer lol

Nice work


Ya. We’ll see how it goes. I dont do a shit ton of it, but def my fair share. I was thinking about maybe putting up some curtains for the fab area to keep the dust contained some. I also have a big exhaust fan I plan on installing eventually.

Haha thanks.



You have any regrets about building this?

Instead of just having a normal garage and putting this money towards sweet cars?


None. Best thing Ive ever done. I still have plenty of time to put money towards sweet cars.

Especially now that its heated. I still want to pinch myself every time I go out there on a cold night and its nice and warm inside. Best. Shit. Ever.



^^^heat > anything. Lol.

I would have to agree with juiced on putting the money into the garage over the cars. Tools are one hell of an investment…having a good space to use those tools is just as much of one.


Regarding putting the money towards cars… Half the fun is the process of putting it together, and having a nice shop to work in makes it all that much more enjoyable and relaxing. Especially when it’s in your backyard and you can come and go as you please.


I’m a bit late to this but how did you get your hands on the trailer/shed and about what did it run you I was tossing around the idea of sticking one out back at my place to store off season items until I get a cold storage building built. Seeing if it would be worth it over waiting for next building to get built.