My shop/barn build thread


I would also like to note that I started cranking out builds/parts once I got two items out there. Full size fridge :slight_smile: and thermostat controlled heat so its never cold.

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This wouldn’t make sense to people who don’t build stuff. :troll: :lz:


A friend of mine rents and sells the standard containers. You can expect to pay about $2500 for a 20’ and $4500 for a 40’.

When I called to ask about one he told me about this particular trailer he had acquired from some salvage site job (or something) and that I could have it for $1500 delivered. It was the perfect length and price for the space I had.



I want to bury a 20’ container in my back yard… #doomsdayprepers


I come into this thread when I feel like looking for homes with a garage on property. This shop is great.


They aren’t meant to support weight on the sides/top, only at the corners.



Got a decent amount of work done over the holiday break.

Finished up the welding table minus feet which are due tomorrow. I ended up borrowing my father in law’s 220V Lincoln MIG. SOOOO much faster / easier than trying to TIG the whole thing together. I really need to get my own 220V MIG. Maybe next year.

Finished up the wiring in the fab area for an exhaust fan, more lights for over the welding table, and a ceiling mounted winch for getting the spare wheels up on the shelf under the stairs. Carrying big wheels up a ladder isn’t too safe, nor fun.

And got a bit more steel up. They sent the wrong color Z trim for between the grey and white, and the last long panel for the knee wall was damaged in shipment. Replacements are due later this week.

Installed the aluminum top on the last 6’ of the workbench and mounted my vise (someday Ill find a nice vintage one to restore)

Made a mounting plate for the hot and cold water spigots under the cabinet. And I might have painted the hot knob red as they only had blue at Lowes.

Dropped the bench end panel off friday to be powder coated. Ill likely grab that later this week.



Looks excellent!


Thanks! Its really starting to come together now.

Feet for the welding table showed up tuesday. I got them installed and managed to right the table with a little help from mr. engine hoist.

Currently in place. Still lots to set up and get organized etc.

I also need to trim the left end of the top, just waiting to borrow a friends plasma cutter.

My missing metal for this area is due tomorrow. Maybe Ill have it all buttoned up by early next week.



Got the bench end panel back from powder on saturday. The color is a near perfect match to the HF boxes.

Yesterday my father in law showed up with a free brake drum for me. Last night I welded the metal I picked up on friday to it and painted it up to use as a stand for my 12" disc sander. I really need to get a needle scaler. It took longer to hammer and chip all the crust off than it did to fabricate the rest of the stand. Ill def have one before I make another one of these. Still debating it I want to fill at least the tube with cement yet. We’ll see if it “rings” when running first.



Got the sander mounted on the stand and finished (minus a few screws Im short) the metal on the half wall. STILL waiting on the correct color Z trim for the white / grey split.

However, I did get lucky and they sent me an extra 60 linear feet of the right color grey metal as supports for the two long sheets that were damaged during the last shipment. So I now have enough to finish the lower part of the north wall and the other side of the half wall for $0 and a little sweat equity cutting it up.



When you post pictures of things you’ll be working on in this shop people are going to assume it’s where you work not where you live! :tup:


my plan is coming together…


Been a slow few weeks. Ive been working a bunch of OT so I could buy the last $500 worth of metal to finish sheeting the inside. The order (minus the Fn white J trim showed up friday).

I did manage to sheet the side of the stairs with some 3/8 plywood I had left over from another project last week. Ill be painting the wood to match the metal.

This weekend I did what I could without the white J trim. Finished up the stairway wall since I can slip the J in after.

Did another 12’ of the north wall, again will slip J in when it shows.

Finished up the outside of the half wall.

Yesterday I picked up a 6mo old 40" Husky box for $200. Should be good enough for the fab area stuff. Drill bits, tin snips, abrasive discs etc. Sold the old grey craftsman box for $50, so only a $150 upgrade. Not bad. Finally trimmed the extra top off of the welding table, box slips in just perfect.

If all goes well Ill be finishing up the steel on thrusday night.



You should go into consulting. Helping people all over the world build the most boss ass home shops.


I’ll get in line for that.

I got an old ass barn that needs to be modernized . . .


Step one. Try to add up what itll cost, then double it.



Very nice!


Truer words have never been spoken.


You need something like this to cap off the project:


That is pretty cool :tup:

Started painting all the exposed wood last night. Painting the underside of the stairs sucked. I still need to cut a narrow piece of plywood to finish up the little wall near the boiler system.

The rest of the wood along the stairs will be painted white to match the walls. Maybe Ill even mix up some dark blue and paint a little stripe between white and grey…

Not too exciting, but the grey is SO much nicer than bare wood.

(yes I still need to mount the PEX to the wall, but the paint was still wet)