My shop/barn build thread


Great progress this weekend. Managed a couple hours sat and sun.

Finished up the pretty much all the metal.

North wall done. Its amazing how much brighter the whole building is now that this wall is no longer insulation paper brown.

Finished painting under the stairs above the rooms.

East wall above rooms done.

Painted the wood along the stairs late last night. (Also painted the little cabinet above the parts washer)

Maybe later this week Ill get the last area under the stairs painted and the final piece of wood up in the corner by the boiler (and painted). Then Ill basically only have the windows left to trim out and the first floor should be “done”.



When is the ribbon cutting?


I just want to park my car in your garage.

If you know what I mean.


There will likely be no cutting of ribbons. That’s for my wife and daughter to do in their craft room (the “girl garage” as I call it)

Oh yes.



I am glad this thread is here, I would love to be able to reference it one day and build the same…


I’m just waiting for him to decide to move…





No real progress as of late. Ive actually been working a bit in there, instead of on it. Which is awesome.

But I did pick up a used 42" tv and chromecast for a sweet deal. Now I have a 42" Pandora display. I also got it tied into the stereo system. I am disappointed its not centered on the wall, but I put my support board in centered and the pivoting mount I bought caused an offset on the tv. Ill likely section and extend/shorten the mount at some point so its centered. For now its getting the job done.

I also got the last piece of plywood cut and painted near the boiler. So just down to that one area to paint up.

And a couple overview pics of the place from last week.



No worries about the TV being centered it still looks great, it’s a shop afterall! I don’t know anyone with one in their shop.


I need a shop like this in my life.


I really liked this thread and shop until I saw that uncentered TV. Now it’s all just a waste. :slight_smile:


:tup: such an awesome space. all you need is a cot in the corner.


I thought maybe you tried to center the table with the TV, but even that isn’t centered with anything. Whole thing is out of whack now…


it’s pretty cozy in there


The tv is centered on the outlet and thermostat (?)


I disagree. You see the logo on the TV? Not centered with the thermostat.


The TV placement just ruined this whole thread for me.


Yeah, that and Lana Del Ray…pfttt…I’m done with this thread…



mmmm Lana Del Ray. I currently have her, Pantera, and Clutch stations turned on. lol

:tup: :slight_smile:

Tstat and outlet are as close to centered as I could get. Basically I can only put outlets every 9" so they end up in the flats of the steel. I literally pre-planned every outlet back 18mo ago when I started wiring so they would end up on the flats. I think I only had to adjust a few of them by 1/2" or less.


Def. I didnt notice you snap this pic the other night. I did think it was funny you just laid down on the floor while I was working under the GTI. It was like you were settling in to watch some tv or play with the dog.



It still bugs me. Every night.

Do it!


Ok, it’s damn close to centered on the TV. I didn’t notice the logo.