My shop/barn build thread


I’m curious to see what reviews will be after a bit of use. I know there was alot of thought put into things but after i while i wonder if your going to wish you had done anything different.


The engineer in me says I will definitely wish I had done something differently. Its just not possible to be 100% satisfied.



Needed a little more light over the welding table, which I had already planned for. Picked up a light friday and hung it saturday. I use some 1/16" steel cable and eyelets to hang it from the ceiling. To keep it from swinging and to run the wires to the wall box I used a 24" piece of 1/2" EMT. Much better lit over there now. I will likely put another perpendicular to this one over the sander and band saw, eventually.



Nothing super exciting, but I did get power ran out to the storage trailer this weekend. I need to come up with a different light fixture or Im guessing Ill have to get used to sweeping up glass.

Pulled the refrigeration unit out so I can put up some shelves and maybe make a little money on the copper scrap.

And started on some PVC shovel holders.

At some point I really need to take the time to paint the whole inside of this thing so it looks less like a torture chamber.



I had the same problem with the lighting in the storage area in my basement, I added a few lamp guards and it’s no longer an issue.

There are some plastic ones that for for a couple of dollars, or metal ones like these.


Year end numbers are in. I spent $865 over my regular propane budget for the year to heat the barn. Not bad considering the winter we had.

Worth every penny to be able to work in a sweatshirt / t-shirt with warm feet when its 2 degrees out.



Back in May I got most of the inside of the trailer painted, some shelves built, and finished up the PVC tool holder wall. Ive been using it a ton, its working out great. I still need to trim out the doors I built, Im hoping to get to that this week.

Friday I got the thrid HF box for the bench. I also added another section of wire shelving, hung my wire rack, reorganized and cleaned up a ton.

Its hard to see in this pic, but I also trimmed out the windows. Pine on the top and sides, and I used up some leftover Azek I had from the pool deck for the sills. Ill grab a better pic tonight when its dark out. Hard to get a good pic facing into the light from the windows.



You’re making it increasingly difficult for me to top you on this build.




One question for those that have floors like this in their garages. How in the world are you able to allow yourself to work on anything that’s not rust free and dust free? Every time I pick up a car and change brakes, there’s a ton of crap that falls down in the process. If you use brake cleaner it’s even worse. Granted I lay cardboard down but that’s a question I have. If I had a garage like that, I don’t know how I would feel about that haha!


I was considering using some old low pile carpeting that I wouldn’t care if it got beat up / stained which would be thin enough to prevent tripping and such.


I use the large “blitz” or w/e brand drip pans when working on anything that might get messy. But honestly, as time has gone by Ive gotten less stressed about the floor, since after all, its the floor.

Nothing too exciting, but I scored a few Akro bin panels (got two free b/c Zoro was unable to package the first two correctly) and decided to add them inside an old cabinet I got free. The cabinet needed a bit of work, hammering straight, grinding rust, replacing missing fasteners etc. Its been annoying me so I figured why not.

With this configuration I should have room for about 68 bins. The shelf under will be for spray paints. Im still unsure whats going to go below that. Im SURE Ill find something to fill it with.

I did get the shell of the cabinet painted last night. May try to get to the doors tonight or tomorrow. Likely going to sheet over the shelves with some new aluminum so they are a little stronger and I dont have to paint them.



^^^Something like this is definitely on my agenda.


Another boring update.

I didnt want to deal with trying to crawl under the foam I use to block off the stairs for winter again this year, what a pain.

Glued the 4 pieces of 2" foam together with some construction adhesive to make one large piece about 12’ long, 42" wide. It seems stiff enough to not need any other support.

Then I came up with a simple lift system using a couple pulleys, some rope and a 15lb weight. I did need to make a catch to hold it open as its just under balanced to ensure it stays closed. Nothing fancy but its working great and I wont have to swear every time I want to go upstairs this winter.



Ive been off this week so I took some time to finish up a couple of projects downstairs.

  1. Building doors for the compressor / boiler “room”.

The doors are OSB on the outside, lined with some left over R13, and some left over sheetrock on the inside. Id like to get some seals for the door, but its blocking about 13dB from 5’, which is a pretty damn good improvement. Next I need to plumb in some air lines at least to a couple locations. And Im going to add an after cooler between the compressor and tank. I figure I can run the lines up through the ceiling there and mount the cooler to the wall above.

  1. Emptying out the last of the left over building supplies and painting the last bay under the stairs. Eventually Im going to make a small vented spray painting booth since I always seem to be spray bombing something. Not sure what else will go under here yet. Ive since moved that red box of scrap wood and everything else upstairs to the wood, shop or to the burn pile.



Looking sweet. I’m going to mount my air compressor in it final location with the same rubber pads I mounted it on before.


Fantastic as usual :tup:


Finally. Thanks @Spam16v



Awesome man!


May the odds ever be in your favor