My shop/barn build thread


Your life will forever be changed.


was wondering where that was headed when I saw the pic of it loaded up.


Careful, that lift might have some residual hate on it


I peeled off all the stickers, maybe that will shed some of the hate?


All cleaned, swapped the heavy ass arms around, zip tied all the hoses in place etc, and operational. Let the cavy have the first vertical ride late last night.



Hate left my heart when it left my life.


I can bring back the two VAG axle nuts you left on it when I stop by if you want some hate back, along with your shift knob.



Nuts are yours now. I’m all about the knob though, memories along with a broken air cooled Porsche rocker arm in my toolbox.




Trimmed out the hole in the ceiling and got the insulation back in place. “fun times”

Taking pics aimed at lights sucks, it makes my shop seem like a cave.

In process before lower J trim.



I just went through all 8 pages of this thread just to drool on my keyboard for an hour. So, uh, yeah…thanks for that and your garage looks fantastic!


Thank you sir! Its nice that its nearly done now so I can just wander out there and work on whatever the hell I want.

Im about done with redoing my attached garage as well. Stay tuned for that thread.



Back in Feb I finally ran some air lines. Decided to do copper since it was only going to be one drop at first and then I was going to run more later… well in typical fashion it turned into plumbing the whole thing at once. All in all it cost me about $700 including a couple of good Wilkerson regulators and the huge DIY desiccant filter. I ordered all of the valves and fittings online which saved me a fortune compared to Lowes or HD pricing. I used flex hoses between the compressor and between each regulator to make servicing them easier. For some reason I dont have the finished pics of all the drops, but you get the idea. Maybe Ill grab some this week, but prob not.

Ive been running the air nearly every other night since I installed the desiccant filter and have yet to get a single drop of water in the wilkerson filter after it. So Id say its working out.

First the desiccant filter.

Some ss wire mesh epoxied into each end keeps the desiccant in place.

Bulk desiccant. My setup holds about 3.5lbs or half of this tub

Sight glass to keep an eye on things

North wall

Filter painted up.

Compressor connection (just realizing the old sharpe regulator is still in use here, i really need to update these pics)

Fab area drop

South wall

And a drop near the overhead doors for filling tires etc.

I also ran a line to the woodshop upstairs. I rebuilt my old Sharpe regulator for up there (no pics)…

Finally mounted my tig filler to the welding table. Nothing fancy, just a bolt to support them and some safety wire to tie them to the leg.

Up next I made a rolling trolley and track for a hoist to aid in lifting wheels/tires up onto the shelf where I store them. Its just a HF hoist, some ebay skateboard wheels and some square tubing. The assembly bolts to the side of a truss in the attic (which was a real hoot to do)

And in place

I still need to string up a cable for a line cord to hang from. Probably zip tied to some shower curtain hooks or something so it moves with the trolley.



My garage sucks.


Damn, is this like a garage/shop for your buisness?


Nah, just to work on my own stuff.



I can’t believe you didn’t have printed labels for those pvc storage tubes. I’m appalled and have lost all interest in further following this thread.


Haha. I do have a couple sweet label makers but sometimes I go all peasant with the sharpie.



I thought the same thing. I actually expected the end caps to be engraved and filled in with colored epoxy


Cleaned up the area under the stairs sat. No before pics, but picture just a pile of shit. Managed to fit all the jacks and oil drain etc under there. Added hooks for the smaller jacks, handles, etc. And a couple plastic bins for funnels and the hand pump.

Picked up a second vise so I could have one at the fab bench (walking across the shop is hard). When I made the welding table I added two receiver tubes for mounting a vise or whatever else I may want to use. Plus its easy to slip it out if its in the way. I purposely left the tube long so I could side it out for more versatility.