My shop/barn build thread


On this episode of Anal Garage we’re going to individually label every tool in the shop using our computer generated spacial guide map… :slight_smile:


It srsly drives me crazy when everything gets out of hand. It honestly takes quite a bit of work just to keep things from being a total mess.



It doesn’t take very long to get messy. Mine’s a little out of control right now and I’m going to have to take steps soon.


Thought maybe Id share some projects I do in the shop that dont need their own thread.

Have moms Z4 over for an oil change and a detail.

Pulled the wheels to check the brakes, figured Id clean the barrels while they were off.

Clayed the whole thing while it was on the lift. Was super nice to stand / sit and get to the rockers and bumpers without being folded in half.

Since the wheels were off and I just couldnt help myself I scrubbed the fender liners quick. A little Megs APC 5:1, a scrub brush, a shit MF towel and like <20 mins…like new.

And cleaned up the interior. That rough textured vinyl or w/e is a bitch to get clean. And the steering wheel was nearly all light grey with hand who knows what, its now black again



I don’t know where you find the time…but I admire your work very much…


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I get lots done 830p to 1am a few nights a week.


Sealed moms Z last night, oil change tomorrow.

Then I had to wash the truck too. Yesterday by work at the end of John St they were sawing the road to fix the lines for the traffic signals they just fucking installed. I had to drive through it wet and ended up with this caked on “mud” that was more like concrete. I wouldnt hose off at all so out came the buckets. Fuckers.



Picked the hottest day of 2017 thusfar to work on the tablesaw. I pulled the top off, cleaned it all out, lubed up everything (pretty sure it hasnt been done since it was new in 1997), and made a quick plate to take up the space around the port for the dust collector in the cabinet.

Not a perfect fit, but good enough to get most of it going in the right direction vs just piling up around the black funnel piece.

Then I took a few mins and hung up a couple shelves I had lying around, and organized the bench a bit.

Also finished up moms Z’s oil change, so thatll be out of the shop tonight.





Great tires.


After almost 20 years finally made an output table for the saw (3x6ft). Its nothing special, I had all the supplies laying around, but now I can cut a full 4x8 sheet solo. I made it free standing so I can slide it around the shop to use as an assembly table etc. So far its working out great.

Added a wall switch for the dust collector so I dont have to reach way back on the motor all the time. And added a floor sweep and gate. No more dust pans, woo.

All this work on the saw was so I could build a new house for the family rabbit. So far its turning out decent for plywood. Just finished painting the first color last night (well this am). Hoping to finish up other than the top this weekend so I can get back to fun car projects. For the top I put an order in with my father in law for some old barn boards. He has stacks of them, but they are in Ithaca so it might be a few weeks before its really finished.

The Allroad hadnt been on the lift for a couple weeks so of course it was time.

Did the front air springs last night. Was a pretty easy job, only took 2.5 hours wheel up to wheels down.

Luckily I lubed the shit out of the pinch bolts with copper liquid moly when I did the control arms exactly a year ago, they slid right out and were perfect.



Awesome work as always! And unless I missed it, why don’t you have a power washer? And if you do have one, why did you not use it on the truck?


I have one. I A. didnt feel like digging it out of the trailer, and B. it would have still needed to be hand washed as well. That shit was ON there.



Cleaned up the table saw top, 320 grit on a d/a and then scrubbed it with Corrosion-X and a red scotch brite. The Corrosion-X is apparently excellent at sealing bare metal and in general keeping things from rusting / corroding. Apparently great on electrical contacts, which Ill have to try the next time I have a bad one.

Got the wire on the rabbits cage and made up some latches from some old barnwood. Ill seal them at the same time as the tops. Thankfully thats about done now so I can get back to car things. The tunnel on the right will connect to her current cage for more room.



I could do all this shit too if I didn’t have a day job.


Are rabbits cool with small cages or is that like their bed? Dan should make a rabbit maze with different floors. I’d be happy to contribute to the materials.


Dan, there are still several scratches in your table saw top…we won’t stand for this shoddy work here…


I think the size is deceiving, its acutally 18x36 and over 2ft tall. The opening at the end is actually a bridge to connect to her other store bought cage.

I wonder how much I could get done if I didnt.




Was just going over my propane usage. Apparently Ive used ~400 gallons of propane the last two years in a row to heat this pig. Not bad in my opinion. ~$800/yr to heat a 2k sqft shop and have hot feet all winter. Worth all the doll hairs.