My shop/barn build thread


I just re-read the whole thread last night looking for what you did on the floors, which is nothing, correct?


The mason sprayed whatever sealer they use these days on it. I forget the name but both masons that I had quote the job used the same stuff. It was like $250 in product to do the whole thing, i think he charged me $25 to apply it with a pump sprayer.



Quality sealer is key


A couple weeks ago I decided randomly that I wanted to try and finish the walls at the top of the stairs since I havent done much to the shop in a while.

This is how it was.

Insulated (yes I did it all, just didnt get a pic done) And added an outlet near the window as sometimes Ill put a box fan in there to get dust or heat out.

My sketchy setup to get out over the stairs.

Sheeted - added an access panel to the attic area. I still need to insulate and sheet the section at the back of the stairs, but I was out of materials and time for now.

Primed with Kilz. Managed two coats from the corner to the window, the rest is just one.

Its really not much different but at least its one step closer to done. Next I need to tackle the ceiling which is still just wide open. But its prob gona cost a grand so its going to have to wait a bit.



i love this thread


Let me know when you take applications to move in to the barn.


Currently not accepting applications.