Picked it up over the weekend. New 2020 BMW M2 Competition.

Bought a bunch of extra warranties too so should be solid for 5 years.

Will start with the Dinaning over the winter.

still have my M3 and tbh with everything done to my m3 it’s a more tailored car. The v8 with the charger definitely sounds way better than these turbo 6’s.

The M2C suspension is way too stiff and the new DCT software clicks in to auto mode at random times and sometimes back into manual mode I’ve noticed.

It just needs some custom coding and to dial in various elements and it will be a superior car though.

Not sure how to address the sound though. I don’t really feel like $3k for an exhaust that adds no power is good value.

Also need to find out how people make sexy turbo noises in these cars while staying in warranty…

@HouseS2K might have some suggestions.

Nice! I stayed away from an M4C due to the suspension and went m340i instead.

Not sure what is available for that chassis but the MPE is generally cheaper than the Dinan stuff. Most intakes aren’t going to kill your warranty and are easy enough to swap back…

i’ll be doing pretty much all performance upgrades through the dealer. i did the supercharger and other stuff on my E90 M3 through the dealer and they supported me quite well when needed so i see no reason to change.

i hate to admit it but i do not wrench anymore at all.

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Easy way to add sound, open hood, take intake filter boxes off, open them up ( 5 or 6 t20) take the carbon filter out. And reinstall. Easy 10hp and more turbo noise under the hood.

You can also code the exhaust flaps open at all times. If you want more exhaust turbo noise. Downpipe is the only answer. Also a dealer cannot void your warranty unless they can prove it was the cause of failure. I work on modified BMW’s all the time. An intake and a nice high flow catted downpipe cannot void warranty. The bmw m performance exhaust for the s55 sounds amazing also. Hell when the boarder opens back up bring it to me I won’t give 2 flying fucks what you did to the car. As long as it ain’t flashed tuned of course.

the downpipes is intriguing. i dont see a dinan tune / downpipe option. I’ll ask the dealer what they will support.

i have a long term relationship with the owners of the dealership group so i’m not going to be messing around. the guys in service have always been really cool with me too since i’ve always gone through them.

what about BOV options? i wanna be 20 again with a Greddy Type S :slight_smile:

No BOV options, the bov is built into the compressor housing. Dinan also lost their bmw contract and is not longer supported through BMW NA.

yes but dealers still have the option to support it at thier descretion.

No dealer will support or warranty something bmw NA does not support. Unless the dealer wants to blow through goodwill support. That’s about all they have.

all i can say is that they’ve covered many things under warranty even when my car had a supercharger on it… no reason for me to expect they wont continue to, especially if i do the work through them.

That’s because the dealer has to do warranty work since the supercharger isn’t the root of failure. Google magnuson moss act. Since this accounts for BMW NA it works in Canada also.

Not sure how the US law of Magnuson Moss applies in Canada?

what do you dudes know about coding on these cars? What is Bimmercode all about?

i used BPM last time but i dont think they support the 2020 models.

Bimmercode uses a Bluetooth OBD adapter and mobile app to allowing for some feature tuning. Not sure what options were available with BPM, but you can download the Bimmercode app and see what can be changed for your car in a demo mode of sorts.

Was going to get it for my car but BMW pushed a few OTA updates that added some of the features I cared about.

Carly is another option. That’s what I personally use.

Hey just posting a couple pics from a recent road trip here so that I can x-post them.

Just ripped the car from toronto to vancouver… and then back again.


Looking good!!!

Post video :see_no_evil:

I can’t upload it here. Tried.

Just text them to me and I’ll add them to Vimeo.