OEM or Illegal

i guess you guys have seen the petition:


Here are the details: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/trucks/motor-vehicle-inspection-stations.shtml#requirements

go to the bottom.

Section 9 says wheel spacers are now illegal… some other stuff about air suspension.

anyone have any other info?

full 96 page hand book is here: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/trucks/pdfs/passenger-light-duty-vehicle-inspection-standard.pdf

As a Tech I think it’s good that the safety standards book is being updated, but I don’t agree with a lot of the new standards. They went too hard


Section 9 says wheel spacers are now illegal… QUOTE]
" although adaptors are permitted if they are in good mechanical condition."

Does it mean that slips-ons will be illegal and bolt-ons are now called “adaptors”?

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It looks like the cops will make theirs monthly quota in one day if they choose to.

If this Actually Happens. What will it mean for all of us? None of or cars are oem at least 80% of the Whole car. Not just us but every scene you can imagine jdm cars euro American, even the classic cars. Will there be Mandatory Yearly Inspections for every car In ontario? If it means what it says you can’t even change things like your engine to rim Style to even the type of brake pad Compound. these bastards are going to far and this would kill the auto Industry completely. No body buys oem parts from the dealers as they are way to expensive compared to aftermarket replacement brands. So a Kyb repacement shock will be Illegal? I don’t even think you can get oem parts for cars more then 20 years old almost everything is aftermarket. More Research on this matter has to be done ASAP.

You need to read the standards. Most of it is oem or oem quality - seems like most of the “OEM or illegal” is exhaust related. Under suspension I didn’t find anything that stated coil overs or lowering springs are illegal. Looks like welding cracks in wheels will no longer be acceptable though

So from what I have gatherd so far the. Ministry wants to make it Impossible to drive a car with any Modification what so ever. Even rims that are not factory will be Illegal. You will not be Allowed to change ANYTHING in the name of public safety on our road ways. There will be yearly inspections by the look of it and the right to seize your Vehicle may be on the agenda as well. If this is true this means the Absolute end to all of us and all of motor sports. This will kill the Industry and we will become Extinct.

GM cars straight from the factory shouldn’t pass because of "level 1 leak” which means seepage of fluid that is not great enough to form drops.

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Accelerator pedal that is not OEM standard or have anti-slip feature missing will make you fail the inspection you poor people.

Unless you drive this, your aftermarket pedals are not good.

If wheel and tire size is not factory = fail who the hell has stock rims and tires size these day? Even old pos
This is an attempt to take millions of older cars off the street and force those people to take public transit. Can you guy tell me why your not marching to this ass holes office tomorrow and putting his head on a stake? Is this how we as Canadians have become? Let the Guvernment do what ever the fuck they want to us and take away what little fun we get to have as well. Of course the Ritch still get to have fun and do what they want as they can afford brand new supper cars or high end Vehicles. How the hell I’m
I even going to sell my car now so that one day I might save enough to buy an sti or new Focus rs. Even those cars are Unrealistically expensive for the working class slaves of today’s Society.

From what I have read this only applies to a vehicle needing a safety certificate. if you have purchased a vehicle and want to put it on the road. This does not apply to currently registered vehicles per say… Not saying a cop can or can’t give you a ticket… They pretty much do as they please. The regulations haven’t changed much from the previous ones for example; pedal grip… Nothing new here, if ur missing the rubber pad or some form of grip as to where your foot will slip when wet. It fails always has. The ride height issue is new but like many things in the standards. It’s pretty much up to the mechanics discretion and always has been. I don’t think we have much to worry about here, think of it as any mod you are doing… Does ur car need a muffler- yes do u want one- no. Can you put a bijillion degrees neg. camber sure you can. Only thing stating you cannot is the front wheels cannot be visually out of spec. Your vehicle can drag frame. If you don’t loose control it’s considered safe. Cops can give you a destruction of property charge but it’s consider safe. If you like to stretch tires they have always been against it. It works and it doesn’t same as a tire that is too wide on a rim… That being said don’t be a fool like some and think it’s ok that just the tire sits under the vehicle, and let the rims hangout past the body. The safety standard considers many things unsafe on the day of inspection. But it is just that day of inspection to get a pass or fail and depends on how your mechanic feels about it.

^ I think your over reacting.

I just went through that report closely and I did not see anything about wheel tire size must match factory. Only thing on tires was tire size must match rim size to manufacture specs.

I’ve never looked at a hand book before so I don’t know whats changed but that all seems reasonable to me. It reads to me like it is keeping hack job repairs off the road or modifications that actually make your vehicle unsafe. I didn’t see a single clause that would affect me.

in general if the MTO wants to fuck with you they can.

on a technicality they can get anyone for something… just make your car as proper as possible and be polite :slight_smile:

What about exhaust regulation, I don’t know how it was formulated before but now it seems that all aftermarket (non OEM) parts are illegal.

Exhaust hasn’t changed. Every vehicle built after 77’ requires a catalytic converter, and some sort of baffling in the muffler. It doesn’t have to be oem just cannot be de-catted and straight piped or leaking on the day of inspection. Keep in mind this is only for vehicles requiring a safety certificate. For it to apply to cars already registered it depends if a cop wants to give a ticket for it or not. The main reason for the updates to the standard is to get more rotten and hacked together vehicles off the road. It is truly amazing the vehicles I see people driving on a daily basis and still think they are safe.

All we can do is wait and see now, or rush to sell are cars as fast as we can. The new ford focus rs seems to be just the right car oh but wait its another car priced only for the Ritch. Looks like ill have to settle for a feista and be another joe blow nobody

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^ the big problem is if they make all this a. Mandatory Yearly inspection by all means will we be for sure fucked if they do that.

I don’t drive “hacked” car and have OEM cat, huge resonator and muffler that happened to be quiet but HKS cannon shaped. Just got two tickets (almost $500) from mad cop for “improper muffler” and “excessive smog” for car that 12 hours later without any changes passed emissions with excellent results. If found guilty by the Court my car become unfit for Ontario roads. I will need OEM exhaust and who knows what else to get Safety Certificate. If I win and the same cop stop me next year he can destroy me with the power that the government is giving him with this new regulations.

My car is as proper as it can be without spending an arm and leg at the Nissan Dealerships and I’m very polite person as many of you know.

This stricter regulations give Police more power to abuse you and pull more money from your pocket, force you to buy and maintain new cars at dealerships even if you cannot afford it.
It enslaves working poors even more and at the same time make easier to control them by government.

Does it make the roads safer? Absolutely not - most of my attention on the road will be focussed on looking for cops while driving and hiding from them.

^ as far as your exhaust and tickets that has always been up to the cop giving the ticket. There are a lot of dick cops that see young people driving modified cars and give them tickets for whatever they feel like. On the other hand there are a lot that let things go. It honestly depends on who wants to give you a ticket. As far as the safety standard goes it cannot be bleeding drum loud or missing etc. Half of the time the cop issuing the ticket doesn’t know what the safety standard is when they issue the tickets. They haven’t been trained or licensed to do so… Some do have a certificate but not all. Just giving some insight to these new regulations… What has changed is minimal and what hasn’t has been the same for years (exhaust being that)

See what he said, looks as if many things will be changing even police attitude. It’s not just here in ontario but it’s getting worse all over the world. But anyhow so if they deem your car unfit for ontario roads I guess you get a red flag or something and it’s game over. See as a track only car who gives a fuck. But not all of us have a tariler a house and a pick up truck to keep a track only toy. It will suck to have to let it all go. But you are also right about how they want to force you to buy new cars.

i really don’t see this being a whole lot different than what we have now. Be nice, don’t go crazy with the “look at me” mods. same as always. occasionally you get a dick cop who will write tickets though.

Do you have any idea what I have done to my s14? Look at my for sale Thread nothing is oem anymore

You guys need to stop worrying about the whole OEM and OEM standard. Every part that is ever made is to oem specification. It does not mean you have to go to Nissan and buy every single thing through them. A good 75-90% of the parts for a s- chassis probably aren’t even produced anymore therefore not available as OEM.