OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


somebody needs to forward those responses from mr nate hulme to the prosecutor.

What a dick… what a stupid dick.


Read the 3 other news articles posted on there- what a waste of life that kid is. It’s also real smart bragging about what he’s gotten away with right in the news site.


Agreed. Wonder why insurance rates get jacked for sport bikes…


This made my day, best read of the day IMO lol

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Just passed a white crotch rocket laying down on Niagara Falls Blvd. Seems to have hit a red SUV on the side. Rider seems okay


It’d be funny if it’s just some person that put his picture there and was talking all sorts of shit


Someone pulled out in front of me on the honda, in the pouring rain. Slid into the back of her. No witnesses, probably my fault from an insurance standpoint. Bike is a little rashed up, and I lost my awesome cruise shift knob, but I’m OK.


Glad your OK. Can you put a standard disc brake up front. With a hand lever. Jeezum crow. I only say that cuz I care mang.

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I could, but I won’t. :slight_smile:


the only bike you should be riding in the rain is Earles FB


How did she react to the accident? Glad to hear you’re ok.



What did she say? Gonna try and blame you for it?


Glad to hear you’re good. How much gear were you wearing? Just curious to see how it held up and what not.


“Well, since you rear ended me it’s your fault”

Here’s what happened:

It was raining pretty hard. There was a car in the left hand lane making a left onto a side street. I was in the right hand lane. There was a car behind the person making the left, who suddenly pulled into my lane as I was driving by. There were cars parked on the right of the street, the stopped car was on the left and the lady who pulled into my lane did so in a way where she was blocking the entire lane. I had nowhere to steer to, so my only hopes were the brakes. Now this is where it partially becomes my fault. A normal bike could have had high rear brakes, light front, but the Honda has equal front and rear braking, add that with dirt bike tires and rain and instant lowside, I went down about 20 feet before the car. I slid underneath the car, the bike hit the side of her car and sort of flipped over the hood and landed in a driveway.

The lady did not seem to think it was her fault. I didn’t feel like sticking around for the cops and there were no witnesses anywhere, so it probably just looked like I ran into her.

I was wearing shorts and boots and a pleather jacket with a novelty helmet. But the accident only happened at about 30 mph.


Tough circumstances but I can definitely picture that happening. Shitty that you didn’t have anyone that could back you at the scene. Do you think she is going to pursue anything or are you just basically walking away with a banged up bike?

On a side note, I feel like we see this every year where bike accidents peak in late spring and then again late summer/early fall. Obviously weather and road conditions play a huge role in this (as was the case here), but I also think people let their guard down after August. While summer’s not technically over, people just stop watching for bikes because there aren’t as many on the road. Be safe out there riders!


(WIVB) - Lower Mountain Road in Lockport, between Green and Plank Roads, is closed because of a fatal motorcycle accident.

The crash happened before 1 p.m. and the road is expected to be closed for several hours as investigators examine the scene. Drivers in the area are advised to take an alternate route.

There is no word on what caused the accident.
Another one down and out…


Just read about this.


“Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies say the motorcyclist failed to negotiate a curve and lost control, hitting two mailboxes. The man was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene.”

Sounds like speed maybe? I wonder if proper gear was worn.


It was a def. speed issue. A buddy of mine was driving about 2 cars back from the guy.


ugh, what a terrible thing to roll up on. RIP