OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


yea he was 2nd or 3rd to actually get up on the guy. they starting compressions on him but it was a moot point based on what the description I got was. I don’t wanna get too graphic in case its somebody close to somebody here.


eesh… I couldn’t even imagine.

Sounds like a poor decision took him out for good. No re-do’s in real life. I hope your friends taking it ok.


I hope everyone’s ok, I put my Honda CX into a ditch back in July. Wasn’t going fast, wasn’t being stupid, i had simply misjudged a corner and walked away with only a pulled neck muscle.

I was with a friend (friend driving his Trans Am WS6) and we were on our way back from the Battle At The Border car show. We came down Genesee by the airport to get on Route 33. After that, we would take the on-ramp to the I-90 East. Well, we got to the on ramp and i leaned into the turn and, the instant i leaned, i got that “this doesn’t seem right” feeling. I straightened out and put the brakes on, the rear wheel locked and made pretty much a squealing B line to the ditch. It was super quick, like, i went into the ditch, i closed my eyes, felt a bump dead center on my head and the next instant, im on my feet looking at my bike laying in the ditch. So yea, walked away with a pulled neck muscle. the bike however, i broke the glass on the speedometer, kinked the clubmans every so slightly (if you look at them, you’d note the left side is kicked down ever so slightly.) and the bar-end mirror has a few scratches. Two days later, i was riding to work on it so it still ran like nothing happened.

Apparently that’s a real tricky corner, according to the tow truck driver, i was the 3rd biker that month he had pulled from that very corner. Also my dad’s friend had a friend of hers go down there and the guy who owns the body shop next door to my shop, his friend went down there and shattered his ankle.


Not mocking you, just reminded me of this and thought it was funny.


He definitely looks the part too


Looks like he is a repeat offender. I’m usually a pretty optimistic and nice guy, but I’ll be glad when this guy’s brains are splattered on the pavement. What a waste of a life…
^drug charge


Bike wreck on Brighton road in Tonawanada. The road is shut down both directions between avon road and Niagara Falls blvd. Looks serious. I hope the guy is okay


Shit that’s right by my house.


That is Geoff.

Broken leg, now with 100% more titanium rods. I’ll update after a visit to the hospital after work.

Paulo knows more since hes a better friend and was there last night.


Ugh :tdown: good luck dude.


Damn, thankfully it wasn’t worse than just a broken leg. Good luck, heal up quick!


Sucks when it’s one of our own. Good luck Geoff.

Not a lot of info here:


Best wishes


I’m good! Just now with more titanium bits


Glad you are ok?w what happened?


DUDE! Holy hell, not the duc!

What happened man?


Wow glad to hear your ok man!



I was talking about this and thought to myself, that’s right by his house.

Glad you’re okay dude, that is extremely shitty :frowning:


dude, married life can’t be that bad already. dont go for the easy way out just yet


It looks like another vehicle was involved. I know you ride smart Geoff, i’m super glad you’re ok and I can’t wait to hear the full story.


Glad you are ok man! :tup: