OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


Damn dude. Glad you’re ok. I drove by and saw the road closed off but didn’t know why.


Sorry to hear man. Here’s to a speedy recovery!



Get better quick!


I sent Geoff pics of my meat after I found out…

He always finds an elaborite way to get out of lunches…
“Sorry, I’ll be gettng married that day”
“Sorry, I’ll be out of the country”

I think I’ll be washing my hair on the next lunch date.

Homosexual Undertones - NYSPEED Edition


Literally just missed within minutes a bike crash on the 290 right by the Delaware exit, bunch of people are stopped hope it’s no one from here.


Bump. Started the count back at zero for 2014, but with the way the sport bikes on the 33 were flying in and out of cars today I don’t know how long it will last…


Saw some squids today on the 90 in shorts. With as much salt as there is on the roads, it amazes me that these people think it is so safe to ride without proper gear.

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Not safe…it’s cool. Need to impress the other bros out there.

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I know there is a joke in here, something about salt in the wounds.




I c what you did bros impressing bros, you sure they weren’t impressing da ladies…


Heard some bikes racing around near my house in Grand Island last night. They were definitely speed. Not too smart for the location and time of day…


Really should just start a new thread for this season.




I was out doing a sidejob last night around 11 on Southwestern Blvd. and saw one fly by doing 2x the speed limit. These guys have a death wish…


I hear we already have #1 down, anyone?


Yeah I heard many bikes up on the 290/190 around 10pm yesterday. Maybe they were just loud bikes. Probably not though since it sounded like they were accelerating pretty quickly.

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If I can hear these guys from my house, surely no law enforcement can right??


But they aren’t allowed to chase them…

SO FUCKING DUMB. If you are going to break the law that bad that you are going to run from a cop, well if you crash from one chasing you and die, you deserved it.


This is probably what you guys are hearing about:

GRAND ISLAND,NY (WIVB) Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a Kenmore man for DWI after and accident with a motorcycle Sunday on Grand Island. Deputies responded to an accident on Grand Island Boulevard between a car and a motorcycle.
Upon arrival, witnesses told investigators that a car driven by 35-year-old Anthony Viscuso veered into the driving lane of a motorcycle driven by Eugene Kelsey III, of Grand Island, sideswiping and knocking the motorcycle over.
After field sobriety tests, deputies determined Viscuso was intoxicated. He submitted to a chemical breath test and the results showed a BAC of .08%. Viscuso is scheduled to appear in Grand Island Court at a later date.
The driver of the motorcycle, Kelsey, suffered a possible broken leg and was transported to ECMC for treatment.
He was charged with unlicensed operation of a motorcycle and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree.
A female passenger on the motor vehicle declined medical treatment at the scene. The investigation is ongoing.