OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


That article makes my head hurt. Was it written by a 5 year old??


@motocrossx23 WIVB usually has the worst written articles.

Also, it was not released that the driver of the motorcycle was operating his motorcycle without a proper license and has had his driver’s license suspended in the past for alcohol related offenses. What a terrible day for that guy…lol


Dude… hit by a drunken driver… that could have been a golden ticket! Stupidity all around. Yay.



Not really our area, but…:

ROYALTON, N.Y. (WIVB) – Three people were injured when two motorcycles collided on Hartland Road in the Town of Royalton over the weekend.
Deputies say a group of 10 motorcyclists were traveling northbound Saturday afternoon when one fell behind. As he attempted to catch up the group, he rear-ended a second motorcycle.
The 35-year-old male motorcyclist who caused the crash and his 24-year-old female passenger both sustained head injuries. He was flown to ECMC by Mercy Flight while she was taken there by ambulance.
The 53-year-old male motorcyclist who was struck was uninjured, and though his 54-year-old female passenger sustained minor injuries, she signed off on medical treatment at the scene.
The 35-year-old motorcyclist was charged with following too closely. None of the names were released by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office.


35 year old with a 24 year old passenger?




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It is hard enough driving a car with all the potholes. I can’t imagine being on a bike dealing with that.


And they are generally going 2x the speed limit to show how bad ass they are…


I’d expect better from an insurance guy… err… maybe not… lol.


C’mon man…
A. I used to own one when I was 18…
B. I thought I was badass (still do)
C. I see a lot of dumb statistics for these things.


A: so did I
B: so did I (still do:))
C: so do I.

I guess the NYS community tends to cater itself to a more ‘responsible’ crowd and not the ‘squid’ croud. I 100% get what you are saying.

Would I ever own one again? NO, unless it was a track only toy.


did it say what type of bikes or is this all just going on an assumption that they were sportbikes?


Who said anything about Sportbikes?

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well i know a harley is going to be hard pressed to be doing 2x the speed limit on the highway LOL


Same with the vintage cafe crowd, LOL


Haha touché. We all know that these types of stories usually contain Sportbikes, but I guess we won’t know unless they release it…

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Working on late night insurance quotes for another company eh? Sounds risky.


I wish it was insurance stuff. I run my own janitorial business and work nights sometimes when I don’t have employees to fill shifts.

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Sounds like a “shitty” job! Lol

Okay, I’m done.