OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


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I work days and nights guys. Step your game up…

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Night crew sucks.


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hahahah how many will get this?


“Motorcycle clocked at triple digit speeds”

“Was it a sport bike?”


LOL ^ best response on this page


In Tonawanada at the intersection of Parker and Ogden Dante Mancuso 19 was killed on his bike. Scary shit, he was the same age as my little brother. I played basketball with his older brother. A real great family.


This is super shitty. Not only do I live close by to where that happened, but I knew Erin as well from high school and working at Ingram.

This is sad. Never met him but I can only imagine the devastation the family is going through.


RIP Dante. He was an awesome person and friend. You will be missed kid.


The motorcyclist killed in a crash Sunday afternoon on Parker Boulevard in the Town of Tonawanda has been identified as Dante Mancuso, 19, of the Town of Tonawanda.

In releasing the name this morning, town police said excessive speed and operator inexperience with the motorcycle are being looked into as contributing factors.



I’m no accident reconstruction expert but it doesn’t look like much damage or post crash separation for a crash that police are investigating for “excessive speed and operator inexperience”.


It looks almost side swiped. That said, it doesn’t take much on a bike to really hurt you. And there are a ton of non movable objects lining that street

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19 is way too young, wow.

It’ll be a cold day in hell when my teenager decides they want a motorcycle.

Nevertheless, RIP.

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That door is folded in half. I’m assuming it was closed when it hit it. To hit a door with a bike and fold it in half when closed, the bike was moving… Not to mention, excessive speed could be 50 mph if it’s a 30 mph zone…


I’m thinking too much speed combined with a the VW maybe not looking around as well as they should.


Think maybe the bike and rider slid? (if excessive speed was the reason)




@Motocrossx23 (ps, some of you need less stupid fucking names, but anyways…) Ingram? Did he work there in LIC?