OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


Did he ever stop?

I’ve had some hairy moments recently. Ride safe people… :frowning:


It seems like people drive worse every year. I blame all the new technology. lol


On point.


Bump, I drove by a motorcycle down at gates circle last night. Was a black or blue sport bike (really narrows it down) Looked like someone rode straight into it. I tried google but no dice. Just want to know if the guy is ok or not


Earlier this season I heard on the radio that a bike was down in Glenwood and now I see a cross on the side of the road. Did anyone hear about that one?

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The cross I saw was on Holland Glenwood Road.(?)



Didn’t want to start a new thread for this.

Driving around 9:15 PM coming from the 990 going to 290 towards Tonawanda. Saw a lot of stopped traffic on the split with a crotch rocket being held up in the lawn section between the two highways with people standing all around it.

Anyone know anything about this and if the person was okay?


A little advice, if you were the 2nd motorcycle that sounds like it got away, get yourself a lawyer ASAP and when the cops show up at your home/work the only thing you say is, “I’d like to see my lawyer”.


This brings back bad memories from when Rich and Jose were killed on the 290 running from the police.

It’s not worth it. That night was horrible.


Just got back to Buffalo from Sturgis and put on 1100 miles in 3.5 days…riding in Buffalo is going to suck now lol
People who run from police are fucking idiots, just take the ticket and be done…not worth ending up in a ditch.