OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


I must be missing something here… can you clarify?


Go to sightings thread, 2nd to last page.


Friend of mine works for a local PD. He also says if the bike is really moving he just radio’s ahead and doesn’t pursue.


Sad news…got a text tonight from some HS friends. This guy graduated with me and was a good guy.

Stay safe out there


Just heard about this too. He was in my high school class at SMH. RIP Ryan…


Damn that sucks. Drove by that crash Saturday too and was hoping everyone was ok.


Ryan was a great guy. I sold him a camper and almost a 2nd one, but it never worked out. I don’t know much about him, other than he loved his motorcycle, his family and music. He was always super upbeat and just a great person to talk to. I was very saddened to read about this in the paper yesterday.


there was a harley down on the 190 over the weekend - guy looked ok. still sucks.


I work with his father and have known the family for over 20 years. Never really got close to the family but still know during the Christmas time when we were younger, we used to all hang out in the office and have some good laughs. Sad to hear about this and what sounds like a standup guy.



Lost another one last night, I literally was one of the first responders on site to call 911. Standing there with someone dead in front of you really gets to you. I cant emphasize track time enough to people, it’s not worth it on the street. Please be safe. Prayers go out to the guys little girl and the rest of his family.


Track time won’t stop drunk people.


^ Right, but he was also well above the speed limit and there are witnesses saying he was doing wheelies down the blvd. It’s going to be a tough case IMO, possible manslaughter charges.


Track time won’t stop idiots.


I agree. I feel bad for the kids though.


What I meant was; if you need the thrill to go fast and put your “skills” to use then go to the track to test your real capabilities.


In general this is good advice.


I might get a bike again some day but it will be after my daughter is out of college. She’s 8 now so another bike is a long ways off.


@JayS smart man. I always ride assuming no one can see me period, always need to double and triple check. Like taking off as soon as the green light hits, I still double check left and right since there is always someone in a rush trying to beat the red light.


I see the pictures of his little girl sitting on his motorcycle and I feel bad for the family, it’s gonna be tough on them. I ride slow and cautious now on any populated roads and ride faster on country roads.


I was never really afraid of how I rode, just the people around me. You can be 100% defensive minded and they can still get you. I almost bought it coming around a curve where a guy never saw me and just went straight down a side road. I completely had the right of way and he crossed the double yellow to turn onto the side road. Luckily he only barely clipped me as I dodged, bent my rear plate into a U, and sent me off into someone’s lawn where I laid the bike down. 1/2 second later and I might not be here.