OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


My crash 3 years ago was on Mothers Day. Sucks.


From what I hear it was a pot hole that sent him into a pole. He was in his mid fifties and an experienced rIder. RIP


I heard 47. Sucks either way.


Might be, just seen some posts from family and friends that were with him that night.


I don’t trust the news so…


Another died this morning…don’t want to release name yet but, he was from Youngstown/Niagara Falls.




a friend of mine out here was riding his triumph scrambler and some guy started road raging hard and followed him for a while then ended up ramming him from behind on a surface street. people out here are fucking lunatics. thankfully he is ok but has a totaled trumpet and a broken leg. the driver is facing felony assault charges.


Holy fuck. Was your buddy maybe pissing this ‘bro’ off? What the fuck.

Link to an article?


Met him a couple times. It’s sad, he was young and had a long life to live. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP


guess he he ended up doing 170mph from my understanding. He was trying to distract the cop because his buddy was riding an unregistered motorcycle.


It’s not worth running, just take the fine and live another day. If they catch you it will be at least 4x the normal fine and your license will probably be taken.


Sorry to those that knew him but this makes zero sense. Better to take it on the chin.


I’m sorry to hear about this. To anyone that knew him, my condolences.

I’ll refrain from further comment beyond stating that this is just not necessary guys. I was there as a younger, more foolish ‘boy…’ I’m just happy to be able to look back on those moments and shake my head.

Ride safe.


Same here, I did a lot of stupid things. I learned from riding off road just to stop. 80% of the time they say thank you for stopping and let you go with a warning.


While I don’t condone running from the police, I do wonder if they should be chasing sport bikes. Maybe the policy should be to chase but the officer should use his own judgment even though it seems they are not encouraged to use common sense and judgment.


^I have a few PO friends in a local city, they are told that they are not to chase vehicles for that reason.


^^yup. a cheek officer i know told me, they don’t bother.
They won’t catch a sport bike, and theres always a chance the rider looks back or in mirror and once sees the chase/lights and panics makes a stupid move, falls, etc…so they just don’t.
Scary world out there, cousins - the potholes aren’t making it any easier


Local city officer said they don’t have the liability to chase down bikes, or cars for that matter… They will chase you until dispatch says, “wtf, stand down.”


I’m just gonna put this here.

The cops went through the videos and Joe Morrissey 100% intentionally ran the guy on the motorcycle over. I’m still waiting to see if they have video of them throwing coins, garbage and drinks while trying to run bikes of the road. Kid is 24 and ruined his life.