OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


Or the oblivious are riding bikes thinking they own the road, cause they are on a bike.

that said it sucks to see people getting fucked up, I really hope nothing like this happens to anyone I know.


I don’t know how many motorcycle riders think they own the road.
I’m use to never being seen and everyone being too busy sexting/eating/facebooking.
You can’t try to tangle with a few tons of metal when you have 500 lbs between your legs and only a helmet.

Now bicycle riders.
Those fuckers think the law doesn’t apply to them. I almost hit one on my motorcycle who just rode through a red light without looking…


if some motorcycle riders don’t think they own the road, then i have no idea what they are thinking when i see them splitting lanes through traffic and driving like fuck wits. grant it most of the motorcycle riders you know aren’t complete idiots. but there are plenty of bro’s who are plain stupid on their bikes.

i will have to agree on bicycle riders… not that i’ve ever blatantly disobeyed traffic laws on my bicycle.


Splitting lanes properly isn’t dangerous and is actually safer.

Notice the keyword…


Yea properly haha


Those are fix gear riding faggots. They should be wiped from the earth.


That’s not true at all. I’ve seen a lot of none fixed gear riders disregard most traffic laws. Way to hate on the hipsters though!









Fuckers in cars out here in CA purposely want to run bikes off the road. In heavy traffic (where bikes can legally split lanes) I see cars purposely try to close that gap on me all the time.

Keep that worst case scenario in the back of your mind at all times friends. If it’s not you, it’ll DEFINITELY be them.

Keep em 2 up!


Two drunk ghetto whores almost hit me last night.


Carry a hammer with you, problem solved.

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Should’ve mushroom stamped them both at the same time.

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Every time I ride, I just expect that EVERY person behind the wheel cannot see me. Ride accordingly with caution, that’s all.


I’m considering strapping one to my front triple tree to keep handy.

And well said… just be safe friends!


I have nunchuks strapped to my Nighthawk.


Some jackass was blasting at least 90mph on 90. Well not on 90, on the shoulder along the cement divider kicking up all sorts of shit. How that guy didn’t die is beyond me.


Should’ve swerved into him. Can’t stand fools that ride like that.


Or just let darwin take over…


Sometimes he simply just takes too long.


A mother lost her son on mother’s day.