OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


Damn i know his sister, that’s shitty. I had thought he was recovering


yeah i think things were looking up in the morning and then deteriorated throughout the day. obviously, i don’t want to be getting out ahead of anything out of respect for the family but i believe the prognosis isn’t good right now.


Got the news update this morning. My condolences to your families.


Thanks. It is going to be a long road back for my sister from this. She’s had a rough few years and nick was a real positive part of her life. I’ve probably only met him a dozen times or so but he was definitely a good guy. It just really is amazing how quickly things can change from a moment of careless driving


Bump for 2015. I’ve seen several bikes around the city today.


Bad idea getting them out before that first rain washes the salt dust away. Really easy to lay one down with that slippery salt dust layer still on the roads.


Luckily mine stays in the shed for winter, with all the snow still on the ground I couldn’t take mine out if I wanted to.

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Why isn’t the penalty higher for causing traffic related deaths? It’s never really an accident. If I’m careless and “accidently” discharge a firearm and kill someone I’d go to jail for manslaughter. I just don’t see why the same doesn’t happen to careless drivers. Instead they get their license suspended for just 30 days:


Road one of mine yesterday.


Keep is safe back east boys :tup:


I saw a few today and even some classic cars. Still salty out there. eeeek.


Prepping for 2015… Ordered fluids and some goodies :snky:





Too early to be riding. The oblivious aren’t looking for bikes yet.


They won’t be looking later in the year either.

Speaking of bikes though, had a weird experience this weekend. As I was skiing down Yodeler to the Yodeler lodge 3 motorcycles were cruising up and parking by the lodge. First time I’ve ever been on skis while watching motorcycles cruising around. Of course it was 65 and sunny. :slight_smile:


With that mindset it’s always too early.


Yeah yeah, you both know what I’m talking about.


everyone ok?

Any more info on the above?

Too early for this shit dudes, take it easy!


Almost fed some poor bastard my trailer hitch after some dumcumdumpster bitch pulled out in front of me on Armor Duells this afternoon. If it was anyone on here, sorry, not my fault.


the gray FJR and white Speed triple were friends of mine on a ride, I opted to go another direction 2 up with the wife.