OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


Around 1am there was a Honda down on Whitehaven Rd on Grand Island last night. Anyone here??

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I am old and my pussy hurts, so I agree with you.


Bolton rd is fucking nasty, one of the worse roads I have driven on, I’m not supprised, crazy delevan/springville people



Damn :frowning:


Makes you wonder if having a real helmet would have helped.



Cagers suck. Plain and simple.


Still don’t miss riding.

Although, to be fair, the Miata probably wouldn’t fair to well in that collision either.




My iPhone thought otherwise.

That’s not fare to poke fun at my ill preforming technology.


Pour speling preformence is fround upun on this sight.




My buddy got hit on his bike on thursday. Guy turned left right in front of him into a driveway and he had no where to go or no time to stop. He went right over the handle bars at 45mph. Broken pelvis and wrist. Bike is totaled 2014 BMW s1000rr


Hope he makes a speedy recovery. I love that bike.

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I know a guy selling a 2012 for 14k

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With you on that…especially since I know the last guy that died. Not really funny.


Rider down on the 90 today near Lakawana. I drove past and saw a body under the guard rail… people were leaning over him so hopefully he’s alright.


Geez, and here I was thinking this summer was going well for Buffalo. Hope he’s ok.


my sister’s boyfriend was hit on campbell boulevard yesterday morning…a priest was administering last rights tonight.