Ron Paul 2012


you mean the AWDrifter way? :mamoru:


^You would be impressed I have like 4 email adresses now. I can’t remember any of the passwords but… lol


as long as you can open your gas cap, thats what matters.


haha, that’s what Gator is for


^I will check the google for that.

I will never live that down. I was just too tall to see it tucked away down there. lol


It’s just straw poll. All you “yay Ron Paul” and “Oh, Palin got some votes, Republicans are fucked” people need to relax. I seriously doubt either of them will end up the nominee (though I do like a lot of the things Paul says).


haha don’t actually use it, its full of spyware, but it was a program to fill in passwords for old people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like Paul’s beliefs better than most Republicans. Other than abortion I really like his hands off beliefs on personal freedoms and noninterventionist foreign policy. I just don’t think corporations can be trusted with the same level of freedom as people and I think he’s a little too :tinfoilhat: on the Fed. Clearly I’m not on the Supreme Court.


Thanks Buzz Killington. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh nice, thanks. lol


I’m amused… I think they should run him in 2012


Either way the republicans are fucked. What are they going to find some magical candidate that wasn’t even on the national level until two years before the



It’s weird that the two people I disagree with most on here both share support for the same republican politician as me. :tup:

Ron Paul is a TRUE republican, which is what this country needs, not the fake neo-cons who hijacked the party and are controlled by corporations, think tanks, and interest groups.


Scott Brown who?

Yeah, it’s not going to matter who we put up in 2012 at the rate support for the current administration keeps eroding.


I still think the American public will not want a republican candidate in 2012.

I was watching a Chris Rock standup last night and this line had me LOL’ing:

“George Bush fucked up so bad, he made it hard for a white man to run for president.”



The President is def polling a lot worse than he was. The only ones polling worse than Democrats right now in terms of public support for their ideas are Republicans…
oh wait.


And as expected Rush Limbaugh barely mentioned the fact that Ron Paul Spanked everyone. Rush said, “obviously something went haywire.” My father called me Saturday to tell me about Ron’s victory and I predicted that the Rush and Hannity would totally downplay/deny what happened.


my dad is obsessed with rush limbaugh and it makes me want to hit him, we argue so much and its so easy to point out how stupid he is.


I used to like him but he still defends the Republicans in DC and I am tired of it.


Rush is an idiot plain and simple.


As is Hannity… and the rest of Fox news for that fucking matter, along with the fucksticks at msnbc (talking to you olbermann) and cnn…

I like Ron Paul a lot and he never seems to back down from his views. I do think he wants to give corporations a little too much freedom.


At least he voted for the jobs bill. :tup: A republican willing to say yes to a good idea at this point in American politics is OK in my book.