Ron Paul 2012


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My problem with the jobs bill was Reid had a larger jobs bill that had bipartisan support, which at the last minute he tore up and substituted the bill smaller bill he wrote with no input from Republicans. So yeah, I don’t have a problem with any Republican who votes against bullshit like that.


The Republicans were all set to hammer the larger bill as full of pork and waste. They were going to vote against it. His quote taken at the Democratic meeting where he annouced it was, “Grassley and three to four Republicans would have voted for it, but all the other Republicans would have beaten the living shit out of us [during the 2010 midterms], claiming the bill was too bloated.”

You know they would have, too.


And of course we should take Harry Reid on his word. :roll2:

Even a lot of Democrats weren’t happy with Reid on this one.


I wasnt happy with him either, i wanted the bigger one. Just giving his rationale.


Just saw another headline on this. Too bad he can’t win. The people will never elect an older president when we’ve moved on to the next generation. It just doesn’t happen. Rand Paul would have a better shot.


I just read this for the first time and fell out of my chair at work… LOL



if ron paul runs i’m applying for US citizenship to vote or i’m buying the votes of poor people


^^ I’ll help. You can “live” at my place, lol.


probably easier to buy poor people’s votes

can i solicit through the forums and facebook?

how illegal is it?


probably easier to buy poor people’s votes

can i solicit through the forums and facebook?

how illegal is it?


They were promising groceries to poor people in Buffalo if they voted for Byron Brown, so I’m not sure, lol.

He would only have a real chance if he won the Republican primary, and I think JayS is the only Republican here and the only one who can vote so you’d have bribe him first :slight_smile:


Well Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll by a landslide. Which statistically screws him. The last 7 winners didn’t even get the GOP nomination, much less the presidency. You have to go back to GW in 2000 to find a republican that won the GOP nomination. Prior to that I don’t recognize any presidential candidates since Reagan.

1976 Ronald Reagan[43][44]
1980 Ronald Reagan
1984 Ronald Reagan
1986 Jack Kemp[45][46]
1987 Jack Kemp[47]
1993 Jack Kemp[48]
1995 Phil Gramm[49]
1998 Steve Forbes[50]
1999 Gary Bauer [51]
2000 George W. Bush [52]
2005 Rudy Giuliani [53]
2006 George Allen
2007 Mitt Romney
2008 Mitt Romney
2009 Mitt Romney
2010 Ron Paul
2011 Ron Paul


I loved Trump just coming out and saying “Ron Paul can’t win” lol. Sad but true.


lol, George Allen didn’t even win re-election to the Senate in '06


Are Obama supporters now going to call Obama a war monger like they did Bush?

PAUL/PAUL 2012!!!


At least congress gave approval for Iraq.

It will be interesting to see how far his bill to prevent the president from doing things “war-like” without the approval of congress goes… seeing as it’s already in the War Powers Act, lol.


:wave: I thought for sure a black president wouldn’t have to compensate for his manhood by shooting missiles all over the middle east.


Ron Paul Exploring Presidential Bid


The Texas congressman confirmed to Fox News Channel that he would formally announce his plans on Tuesday in Iowa.

“We’re going to announce that I’m going to start an exploratory committee … I’ll stop by in Iowa on my way home, and that might lead to the next decision,” said Paul, who has been on a book tour.

Other Republicans who have taken the formal step toward challenging Democratic President Barack Obama in his re-election bid include former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

In the 2008 race, Paul campaigned as an anti-war libertarian. A Houston-area physician, Paul was the only contender to remain in the Republican race after Arizona Senator John McCain clinched the party’s nomination.