Ron Paul 2012


I see his stance is still, “Government needs to stay out of everybody’s business except the women at the shmashmortion clinic. Then it needs to intervene.”


By “intervene” do you mean not using taxpayer money to pay for them?


No I mean he thinks that Roe v. Wade was harmful to the Constitution and that abortion doctors should be charged with murder.


I have had it with Hannity. He has guests on and they say they would vote for Cain, Paul, or Johnson and he gets all condesending and laughs and says, “They don’t have a chance.” Maybe if the mainstream media wasn’t so slanted they would have chance. Staple my documents Sean! It is a very sad day in this country when you need a billion dollars to have a chance.

End of rant… for now.




He’ll get some NY votes, but this state is way too blue for him. He’ll just be preaching to the choir and not winning any new votes here. It seems more like a moral support tour for the tea party.


He has absolutely never said that abortion doctors should be charged with murder. And his reasoning for roe v. wade being unconstiutional has nothing to do with religious fanaticism. It has to do with the fact that the constiution does not give the federal government the right to make decisions about abortion. The 9th and 10th amendments tell us that the states should decide the legality of the issue and he believes thats how it should be.

its right in there.
John Lofton: Do you think abortion is murder?
Ron Paul: Yes, but we have in our state laws, which enforce the law against murder, there are degrees. You have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree murder.
John Lofton: What do you think ought to be the penalty for the abortionist and for the person who gets the abortion?
Ron Paul: I really don’t have the wisdom to know exactly what it should be… The girl who goes and gets an abortion, she’s a participant in it, I don’t think she deserves the death penalty… But there are some abortionists that it wouldn’t be very hard to give them a pretty harsh punishment like that.


soooo he never said that neone should be charged with murder. And when he says some abortionists he is talking about 3rd trimester abortions that are done illegally. He spends an entire chapter on it in his new book and breaks down each trimester. Ill look it up when i get home from work. He also said that there is abortion laws in different states. So if they wouldve asked him about roe vs wade he wouldve been able to fire back witht he states rights response.


Last night was great, I love watching Dr. Paul school these people that seem to be second semester Poli Sci drop outs.
One of them quoted a past President (Lincoln) insinuating what he said was more important than the Constitution. Pretty funny.


Yeah Santorum quoting Lincoln over the Constitution was a head-shaking moment.


After spending an hour trashing/mocking Ron Paul Fox News had to have Karl Rove on to make excuses incase Ron Paul wins the straw poll. How pathetic?


Bachman’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard, she sounds like a Buffalo news caster. At least Ron beat all of the other men by far in the straw poll. Fox is now pushing Bush’s man Perry, big surprise.


According to the FEC… Ron Paul received more money from active military members than ALL of the other candidates combined in the third quarter.


that’s weird considering he would slash their spending.


He’d also slash their dying.


He would also slash job killing taxes and regulations so people could get “safer”/better paying jobs.


btw, Ron is my boy


I know I know don’t rub it in, he was a couple miles from my house and I was out of state at the time. :frowning:


there was a kid who i asked to take a picture of me with Ron and he was sooooo star-struck that he couldnt even figure out how to use my BB camera… he was literally shaking and studdering… it was unreal.