Ron Paul 2012


If I believed this guy got have the votes he is said to have gotten I would be embarrassed but I don’t believe it to be so.

How could anyone with two functioning brain cells vote for that guy?


Ironically Brett and Carl are the two assholes who laughed like little smart ass school girls in one of the 2008 debates…


Like a boss!


Keep raising hell out there, Paul-ites :tup:


Not that anyone cares but…


The new internet freedom policy him and his son are pitching I can absolutely get behind.


Speaking of Scionists…

The Democrat party in the USA declares Jerusleum the capital of Israel? Did anyone see that joke last night? WTF? lol

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This is a nice vid…


lol scionists.

sometimes i like you. sometimes.


^That is all I can ask for. :slight_smile:

Halloween is approaching so here is a super scary video… (If you are in a Ron Paul thread I will assume you know who Peter Schiff is.)

Scary that these people exist in a supposed free country.

Edit: I know Peter needs to learn how to use a mic.


lol, wow. Halloween indeed.


lol one of ron paul’s main aides…u mad bro?


lol he sounds like the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe

He has the absolute right ideology, a Ron Paul Constitutionalist who recognizes the evils of Islam, and supports a strong military, defense of America and of course, our personal rights to gun ownership.



So I think it’s pretty clear by this point that Rand Paul is just another Republican politician. Got caught on an open mic talking to McConnell about this nonsense last week.