some progress. 56k go learn something about cars and then post


Good to see man. I wish i had some type of build in progress. :frowning:

does it run???

then no one cares :stuck_out_tongue:

heh it looks clean

no offence at all meant here man, but wats the reason for choosing the D series over the b or like k er sumthing? cost? like i sed not bashin ya at all, mad respect for being different, just curious, btw how is my old mtn bike werkin 4 ya?

hes determined :slight_smile:

lol @ the sohc boi


dseries are cheap, and easy to replace if shit happens. this makes them perfect if you’re aiming for 250whp or less on stock block. But imo if you want 300+, i’d go with the b-series.

my total cost is still less than the cost of a stock gsr swap.

i will take 300+ whp over 160whp any day of the week.

the only way i would switch to a dohc is if i wanted more than 400 (i can still do that on a sohc, and may do it on this one just becasue i can) and if it was a k series. b series are over rated, and over priced.

edit… i priced it all out for the dohc people. now you can go home and cry about how you spent too much for your swap that doesnt make any power.

Block 50
Rods 260
Pistons 130
Rings 30
Head free (traded for one of my extra ones)
New turbo (small 16g) 50 dollars and my old head unit
Bar and Plate FMIC 220
ARP head studs 90
Flanges 45
Pipe 60
Tial wastegate 200
2.5 bar map sensor free sample (yea, im the man)
Engine management and tooooning (free, duh)
8 hours of labor at hybrid 520
Small stuff off my current setup, oil lines and what not, a total of about 200
All that’s left is my charge pipe that should be about 80 in pipe
The welding for my manifold, and some misc stuff that shouldn’t be more than 400

This does not include the composite pipes that I will be making this fall, or the itb’s that I will also be using (yea, itb turbo sohc Honda)

So what does that add up to?

These swap prices are quoted off Honda-tech from speedDOCHtors
b16a (sir II) into eg/dc - $2550
b16a (sir II) into ek - $2750
b16a (sir I) into ef (si, hf) - $2050! ----> good price
b16a (sir I) into ef (dx) - $2250
b18c (gsr) into eg/dc - $3600
b18c (gsr) into ek - $3750
b18c (gsr) into ef - $3900 - with hasport mounts!!

Yea, I think my 300+whp was the better way to go.

nice set up. now put a cage in it and race it.


give me a year or so. the paint is too pretty to put into a wall yet :slight_smile:

:tup: nice set up

John is the man in that respect!! Definitly impressed!!

paint to pretty? Holland chic :heart: wall rash…


you also have a lot of good hook ups and did a lot of parts searching, and a lot of time. It will be fast I’m sure, but I like oem honda reliability, and my all motor MPG, 30+ on every tank so far

Since I didn’t opt to follow the suggetion in your title… I can only assume that to be an ice cream maker…

In which case… awesome job so far… My favorite ice cream is strawberry, I will be looking forward to some home made strawberry ice cream when its all said and done.

Keep up the good work.

i have no more hook ups than anyone else here.

33mpg this last tank :slight_smile: i am hoping to keep it above 30 with the new engine as well

ninja, it only makes chocolate and peanut butter cup, sorry.

1 peanut butter cup please.

If I were to buy a civic, what would you charge to do all the work to make an identical setup? Hypothetically speaking of course.

The swaps you listed are someone else doing the work… what would you charge?>

those swaps were just the cost of the swap. not the labor.

i wouldnt charge anything. its what hybrid would charge.
parts, plus 10-15 hours of labor. depending how much you did yourself.


EEK… I thought that was with labor as well.

I’m going to look for a decent shell, I need a quick beater