Speed Kills (your pocketbook)


Pretty good find. i wish they would raise the limit of the 290 to 65!
I honestly feel safer on the 990 then the 190/290

A logical, well thought out, compelling video based on facts and statistics.


We’d all be safer on bicycles.

solid film, bet this guy got a ticket on that one stretch

Very interesting. Someone who actually uses their brain. Makes so much sense.

Great video, lol. This guys Canadian? Let’s give him honorary US citizenship :usa:

i was thinking this today… it’s dangerously slow

This has been brought up before, but the Exit ramps are not designed for 65 MPH traffic. Though as the video pointed out, and as we all know, it is rare that anyone does 55MPH anyway…

Well done sir. Raise the speed limits, keep the government out of your maple syrup!

I 100% agree that speed limits should be higher on our major highways. especially the dreadful I-90. 65 through buffalo 75-85 on the toll road. Reduced driver fatigue as well as reduced traffic congestion would be a result of a higher speed.

Agreed and I would like to point out that New York has the slowest ezpass checkpoints also, my parents live in DC and their ezpass is at the speed limit ie 65 . My moms ezpass is the same one she’s had and mine even worked driving there on a motorcycle doing 70 , no stupid “call ezpass” bs cuz I went 25 mph in the depew toll and not 20. This could save time and congestion as well

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Bump! This video helped get speed limits raised: http://globalnews.ca/news/1428309/speed-limits-going-up-on-some-b-c-highways/

Didn’t look at the date from the OP and about a minute in I was thinking “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before”.

More good reading on this topic: http://priceonomics.com/is-every-speed-limit-too-low/

“We all speed, yet months and months usually pass between us seeing a crash,” Lt. Megge tells us when we call to discuss speed limits. “That tells me that most of us are adequate, safe, reasonable drivers. Speeding and traffic safety have a small correlation.”

“I’ve spent eight years in traffic services, and I was a crash reconstructionist for five years before that, so I’ve seen my share of fatal wrecks, and I can tell you: Deaths are not caused by speeding. They’re caused by drinking, drugs and inattentiveness. The old adage that speed kills just isn’t realistic. The safest speed is the speed that is correct for that roadway at a given time. A lot of speed limits are set artificially low.”

if i win the lottery i would have to much fun with cops and there speed traps! 1400hp GTR and a 1200hp ZR1 ohhh the fun i would have.

So the guy made a part 2: