sti or srt4

im going to get a new car soon. I HOPE…i can prolly buy a srt4 in a few months but i want to get a STi super bad. by choosing the sti i would have to wait for about 18 months to 2 yrs. for finnancing reasons, obv…

i’d like alot of opinions, although im thinking STi !!!

i just want something TURBO-ED haha…mustangs are to slow, but rule burnouts.

Get the Scooby.

I’m not biased or anything.

STi without a question. The only way I’d consider an SRT-4 over one is if it had the new ACR package. Even them I think I’d still rather have the STi.

Oh yeah, it might help to post at least one reason why I’d take an STi over an SRT-4…

Power oversteer.

honestly, i get bad vibes from srt4’s. theyre cheap speed… as the saying goes, pick two: fast, reliable, cheap. with that in mind, theyre bound to break somehow. if you just want to go fast and dont care what other people think, then go ahead. most people just see a neon though, not an srt4.

sti’s are badass cars, wish i could own one. anyone can respect them. but the extra speed and reliability comes at a cost. i dont think ive ever regreting saving up a little longer to buy the better one when im deciding between two things. every time you get the cheap one, you kick yourself in the end.

dont listen to this thread

recognize what you want it for

are you trying to go fast in a straight line? if so: get the srt-4. its cheaper, you can mod the hell out of it, and itll go straight a lot faster

if you care about turning , get the more expensive sti ( or evo wtf ) and with good tires you will OWN the corners / twisties / auto-x… also evo is cheaper to mod and make fast in a straight line than an sti is :wink:

you mentioned mustang, so you should probably get the srt4

STi. No questions asked.

agreed … as soon as i saw that i knew he should get a noen … eeer … srt4

Does anyone else really hate these types of threads? I can understand making a thread asking for specific technical info regarding the 2 cars, but to ask a group of people what kind of car THEY should buy?!?

Since when can people NOT make their own decisions regarding what kind of car they end up buying. Especially when the 2 cars in question aren’t even remotely similar to each other?

You will never be satisfied with the SRT-4 if what you really want is the STI…be patient and save up for the STI…it will be worth it :slight_smile:

Steve, I drive an sti its great but its very differnt form an srt 4. I bought mine because i can drive it in the winter if you mod the srt4 you may not be able to drive it year round. thats jsut my .02 but there have been alot more sti’s around lately its kind of a let down. a year ago i knew of 4 of them around. now i have seen a dozen in the area


the end

Yeah like Andrea said…if you really want the STi, save up for it.

I love the STi, but the insurance would have been deadly, and I couldnt afford it back when I was looking at new cars. :rofl:

If you want something now, go for the SRT-4…I didnt like the bug eye headlight at first, but I got used to it. Put in $3500 for Stage 3 kit, and you’ll be able to pick on some modded mustangs. :tup:

i cant see you running out of the house in the dead of winter to ride in my srt-4… get the sti. <3

I did it this past winter with my current setup. It wasnt too bad at all. A good set of snow tires, and take it easy on the clutch. I imagine the STi is worlds better though :rofl:

  1. Considering the performance by the ACRs of days past (Micheal Opitindf097asd, and Tom Earnst come to mind) and also Mark Dadio placing 3rd in Nationals I wouldn’t call the SRT-4 a straight line car. So I really don’t comprehend that mentality.

  2. With its LSD (was that non standard for '05?) the car will be just fine in the winter. Snow tires and open diff are more important than AWD, and there is an Audi and Subaru that will agree with me on that.

Last time I checked snow tires don’t cost $10,000 so there is the difference right there.

STI…hands down

You can make a dodge caravan handle with enough aftermarket support. In stock form, theres a reason why an SRT-4 is placed in the same stock classing in solo II with cars that have much less power, ie. spec-v [i think i just took magazine racing to another level]. Get a SRT-4 if you are willing to build suspension. Don’t get an STi, theres too many of them around already :wink:

Word! zong and oli went and f’d that all up. :tdown:

word…wait and get an STi

regardless of everyone else, i still think you should just get a srt4… especially if you have never driven either

although your rear windows are still going to be manual :frowning: probably the biggest downfall of the mighty neon!