The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


We have some terrible trade policies in this country. This tariff tweet is straight out of Art of the Deal. Start from a position of power and settle on something that’s still far better than what you have today.

As for the market, oh well. Let the day traders suffer. In the long run the market will recover, just like it always does, and anyone who was investing long term will be fine.


i preferred his ‘reciprocal’ tariff idea because it is more difficult to argue when you peg your tariffs to what the opposing country has in place.

what i still find silly is that in opposition to Trump’s policies the media just keeps citing how other countries think it’s stupid… ummm… DUHHH?


Do we really think that this is going to drive a significant enough increase in US production that it will be worth it? The increased cost of steel is guaranteed to be passed along to the consumer, so I can’t get behind it for that reason.

At least with solar (and the increased tariffs) , it’s not an industry with as much impact as steel/aluminum. I think the impact of the size of the industry is really what’s going to hurt.

I don’t care about the market either, but it’s a good pulse of how businesses and investors are viewing the changes. What I care about is any stance that causes an increase in price of goods and services.


long term yes it will drive US production simply by equalizing the pricing of imports vs. domestic production.

Moreover, it is a tremendously powerful policy tool in that it seems he doesnt need congress to do any of this stuff so he can very easily do some political virtue signalling by impairing imports to the direct benefit of domestic production… this is very much consistent with him campaign pledges.


Right, the key being that now the prices are permanently higher and that cost will be passed directly along to the consumer.


yes, as with the solar tariffs, the cost of imported inputs increase which will cut off the bottom part of the market (buy side) that is price-sensitive.

However, it wont increase the price of anyone who was already buying US produced solar or steel. It will simply switch over some buyers from imported solar and steel to domestic steel.

If the business development people at the solar and steel companies are smart they will virtue-sell anyways. Yes Mr. Customer, the cost of the transaction is increasing but only by the amount that the solar/steel increased due to a switch from imported solar/steel to domestic solar/steel.

If you were a buyer of these products would you be upset if you had to pay 20% more to buy US-production? especially given the tax break you just received?


What’s the point in getting a tax cut if the cost of goods is going to increase? At the end of the day, my money is going to the government.


It’s an issue of liberty imho.

Are you better off making the decision on where your spending goes and what you get for it in return or would you prefer instead that you simply pay more taxes and trust that the government will put your dollars to efficient and effective use?

seems like a no brainer to me.


I listened to one analyst say the tariff would increase the cost of a car by $45. Another said $175. My tax cut covers that, and if it adds more jobs that’s cool too.


there just isnt anyone that goes on TV and breaks down the opposite perspective on this shit and why it’s better. In fact, that is a criticism i have of this admin. Trump should have a couple of people who are just crazy based and they go around on the shows and explain the plus side of this stuff while accepting that it is a change of pace that may upset some people.


Right, because that’s the only thing that steel is used for. It’s not one of the most common materials in the world or anything.


Something to keep in mind:

It is pretty interesting how China and India etc and lefties in the US and some Ben Shapiros rant that Trump is being an Anti-Free-trader and protectionists when all he want is “RECIPROCAL” tariffs and Anti-Dumping measures.

Free trade is the genuine flow of goods and services without any barriers. If one side has a barrier, it is not free trade. The only party that sticks with free trade is the US and it is disadvantageous. Foreign countries are getting rich. China is a threat to the US because they gain a lot of $ via trade with US and they have basically growing their military by leaps with their surplus. This bleeding of USA has been happening all over the place with most countries of the world for decades. The only countries where US has good surplus is Saudi Arabia or UAE etc where it is the freaking desert and who have not much manufacturing or agriculture as a result and who wants US weapons.

China, India etc then calls themselves free traders while having massive tariffs and red tapes on their imports and devalue their currencies while the main stream media and normies come up with news like “China is leading free trade while US turns protectionist”. I think Chinese money maybe influencing msm as well. If anything, President Trump is just asking China, India and others to stick with Free Trade with his reciprocal tariffs.

Video from 2011:

I never said it was. It’s called an anecdotal example.


Looks like the steel/aluminum tariff may be just another chess move. Today Trump says the tariff could go away with a new NAFTA deal. Canada is the #1 steel importer to the US. Your move Cuck Minister Trudeau. I guess Trudeau can’t do worse than he did with the India trip, managing in true cuck fashion to negotiate the tariff on Canada chickpeas from 40% to 60%. :lol:



trump is the only person with enough of his own brand and money in US politics that can do this and defend against any onslaught thus far.

you dont have to like it but you gotta be impressed


i keep seeing all these stories about Dems being competitive in Texas on CBC and other left leaning news media.

but T_D is telling me that Cruz already won and that New Mexico went red as well… who do i believe?

CBC news has a mainpage article about dems in TX right now.


It’s a primary, so both sides were competing with themselves. It looks like it’ll be Cruz vs. O’Rourke in November.

Primary elections often have low turnout but the Dems had been talking up their turnout, claiming that they’re energized. Even energized enough to beat Ted Cruz.

So a highly energized and enthusiastic Dem party turned out about 1 million votes total for all three of their candidates. Reps who are not “energized” turned out 1.3 million votes for JUST Cruz.

Basically Cruz is going to win in November, unless he’s accused of sexual harassment.


okay i didnt realize this was just the primary.

i emailed to try and register for the conservative party to vote in the leadership vote and they dont even return emails.


It’s double the turnout from the previous primaries, but still a massive longshot.


So basically more MSM #FakeNews


Don’t get me started on the BS from the local media around here (DFW). The way they tried to spin and push the democratic narrative was ridiculous. “Early results show that there is an %275 increase in the number of early democratic voters!!! OMG THESE TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE DONE FOR!!!”. The numbers were something like ~1300 voters up from last years ~500. Way. To. Go.