The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


That is a bit of a leap, don’t you think?
Yes, allegedly Collins didn’t want his son to take a big financial beating but he did not marry his brother. LOL


Collins could have murdered someone on video while yelling “I’m Chris Collins from NY27 and I don’t give a fuck” and I still would have been telling people vote for him instead of the democrat. :slight_smile:


I don’t care what side you’re on, this tweet is amazing:


its a great tweet no matter what your opinion is.


Jeff Sessions out at AG… wow

and Pete sessions gone, and Dems have the house… perfect storm for MJ legalization federally. stocks already running up a bit. frig all of the threads are merging!!


I had high hopes for Sessions when he was announced as the AG pick. His tenure however was a huge disappointment and I’m glad he’s finally gone.


This is why we can’t have nice things. There are 435 House seats and control of the body is not at stake yet you’d rather be represented by a criminal than a Democrat.

Also, looks like my suspicions pretty much came true, the House had a big enough sample size that the polls were basically right on but a systemic 1-2% underestimation for Republicans in the statewide polls likely cost us FL gov, GA gov, FL, AZ, and TX senate vs expected. Final senate count probably 46-54.

Indiana and Missouri are part of the big-picture realignment I mentioned earlier. The old white red states get redder, the states with minorities and young people moving in get bluer.


not gonna lie, i think for any reasonable person there is a lot to be happy about from the last 24 hours with the house flipping though only modestly, senate ticking up for the reps, Sessions gone and the few other headlines out there.

if you step back a bit i think it’s pretty good.

though we’re definitely in for a ratcheting up of the leftist rhetoric as we saw today from Acosta and that other dude right after him.

i just want my stocks to keep running so…


So this is what happens when you screw homeowners on the SALT deduction. Dick Nixon is rolling over in his grave. Similar results in Long Island and Jersey.

By the way, final count is looking like +38 in the House and -1 in the Senate, unless this chick in Mississippi keeps expressing her interest in attending public hangings. Very solid. Florida and Georgia hurt because of the implications for election shenanigans in 2 years.


-1 in the Senate?


I thought the Senate was 52-48 before. Looks like you’re right, -2. That’s gonna cost you another House seat for making me look that up. NY-27 please.


Yeah I can’t believe NY-27 is still being counted.

All these super close elections are awesome though. IMO it’s a sign of a healthy system :+1:


Do they no longer have any deductions then? Does this only apply to them?


It’s capped at $10k. In most parts of the country, that’s more than anyone will ever deduct, but in high-tax/high-real estate places, taxes can easily be 20-30k/year.


ahh makes sense


Yeah, they cut that deduction because it generally affects people in blue states. Now you have to pay federal tax on the money you already paid in state taxes over 10k. Easily offsets the measly 2% rate cut for a lot of people. One of the reasons why the suburbs went blue this time. The super rich and business owners made out like bandits but the middle managers that work for them got boned. Plus they capped the mortgage interest deduction at $750k of property value. Sounds crazy for those who live in Buffalo but in Orange County that’s a 2 bedroom condo or 1000 square foot house. Property values are easily into the millions and now they’re paying federal tax on the money they spent in mortgage interest too.

In my case, between my property taxes in NY, CA, and my state income tax, it’s gonna cost me about 7 grand extra this year over the old system. Cool.


this is the first time i have heard someone say that their taxes are going up in the US with this plan.


So the taxes for someone with two homes worth almost a million had their taxes go up and Joe is upset? Hardly sounds like a middle class problem?

#TaxTheRich :wink:


There are lots of them. Pretty much anyone making 6 figures but less than $500k in a high income tax state, especially if they own a home.

Tax the rich is a solid strategy. Tax the house poor and give it to the rich is not. I spend 75% of my income on mortgages and income/property taxes because the houses are a solid long term investment and the taxes are unavoidable. Now I’m supposed to give an extra $7k to Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg because they were suffering so badly under the old system. It’s like this plan was specifically carved out to screw people like me. At the current rate, at least it will only affect me through 2020 :slight_smile:


So basically CA and downstate NY. Do you honestly think it was fair those people got a huge federal tax write off because of the gross mismanagement and overtaxation of their states?