The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Probably not.

Using my test iPhone I can get to the first post. I can read several hundred posts in, even use the slider to get to post 1,000+. But when I try to get to the end or even to posts near the end it takes a dump. It was working weeks ago, so I should be able to get to posts from weeks ago without issue… but can’t.


Was just going to add that if I bring it up in a private window so it starts me at page 1 it loads find. Same thing that when I use the slider to move to post 1200 it’s ok. It got a long spinning load circle for post 2010 and when I tried post 2441 I got a short spinning load circle followed by the “This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred”. Never had a problem before on the thread.

Really strange that it happens in Safari and Chrome on my phone.


Just found a 20k post Discourse thread on another site that loads just fine on my iPhone so it’s not the post count messing it up.

(was searching for issues with long Discourse threads)


Yup still not working for me. I’m confident onyx will resolve it soon.


maybe we should all become feminists and then the forum will fix itself?


I’ve reached out to support, hopefully they’ll have an answer.

In the mean time there are more protests set for this weekend in France:

On Tuesday (December 3), the French government spoke about their plans for “appeasement” of the gilets jaunes. Their offer was to postpone the start date of 3 taxes (related to fuel). This offer has been scoffed at by the gilets jaunes, who have called it “crumbs” as the taxes haven’t even been implemented yet and the offer does nothing to address the issues regarding cost of living.

This has culminated in everything from demands Macron step down to the creation of the 6th Republic. There are protests planned for Saturday across France. The protestors are calling the Paris protests ACT 4. They are quoting from the French National Anthem (“Aux Armes Citoyens”) and planning to protest at Bastille. The medical community is also participating in the protests on Saturday.


i read that sticky just now.

checking my usual MSM feeds though shows only loser news… nothing of substance.


I was thinking about why what’s going in on France brings me so much joy. I think it’s because Macron, and everything he has done, represents ideal direction the left wants to go and now that a country is actually doing it there are riots in the street because middle class working people can’t afford to live.

And it’s such a stark contrast to the direction the US went with our now booming economy.


Yeah its really interesting.

France / Macron are global-drivers of some of the issues that are catalyzing these movements the world-over so it’s fitting that the big protests are starting there. Germany is next… Or Italy / Greece given whats going on over there and how close they are to France.

The fact that Merkel has announced she is not going to seek re-election and that Macron has such little support is positive for people with our politics. I don’t know that there are other Trumps out there for other nations though. He’s one of a kind.


As long as none of the bakeries are damaged in the riots I fully support them


Almost $4mill already collected…



Should be interesting to see where this goes.


$30 for the wall from me. how bout you gents?



So Mattis is resigning…

I try to “support” Trump, but I respect Mattis more than I do Trump…this makes it hard to ignore that maybe Trump doesn’t always know what he’s doing…


Same here actually. However on Syria I don’t agree with Mattis. Yeah, we’re kinda fucking the Kurds but Assad already won the civil war. A Syria pull-out won’t be analogous to when Obama pulled out if Iraq for a number of reasons.


Good job FBI!

the FBI, arrested Hasher Jallal Taheb, 21, of Cumming, after an investigation showed he wanted to attack several federal buildings in Washington, D.C.

“Taheb broadened his prospective targets in the Washington, D.C. area and indicated he wished to attack the Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and a specific synagogue,” the complaint against Taheb said. Pak said Taheb intended to use IEDs and an anti-tank rocket to carry out the attacks.


Here we goooooo? :thinking:


LOL @ Santa Monica Observer.

Just last week they were “breaking” the news that she would retire within the hour.


Well this is real; Trump cancels Pelosi’s trip 30 minutes before: