The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


I was three memes in to the meme thread when I had to open another tab and go see what the hell was going on. OMG savage.


So gents, with the dems putting up their hands for the 2020 fed; what do we think of tulsi gabbard?

I watche dher podcast on rogan and she was pretty solid. Nothing particularly disagreeable.

Does a moderate democrat stand a chance?


Eh, she’s not intersectional enough. The only one with a chance right now is Kamala, especially since California bumped up their primary. I’ve been saying it for months. People don’t care about platforms & policy generally anymore anyway.

Remember the first Democrat debate is this June.


I don’t think any moderate dem has a chance. They went with the inner circle established politician in Hillary and now it seems like they’re in a race to see who can go full socialist the fastest.

I think it bodes well for Trump 2020 because as we’ve said 1000 times the far left and the far right do not elect a president, the independents elect a president. I can’t see anyone remotely near center voting for the massive tax hikes the lunatic left is pitching and it definitely seems like a lunatic left is what they’re going to nominate.


Re: Ginsburg

So she makes her first public appearance since December and it’s in a dark concert hall that doesn’t allow photography. And with all the talk about her being MIA no one manages to snag a photo of her getting into or out of the concert to sell to the media? Every media outlet running the story is using the same cropped photo from the SCOTUS portrait. Way to feed the conspiracy guys.


I don’t think she’s dead, lol. We’ll see her tonight at the state of the union.

Back to the Democrat primary talk, what will really have the most impact will be the super deligates & Clinton establishment money as always. I don’t think there have been any significant reforms to the process that fucked Bernie.


Oh I think she’s alive too, but the way they’re handling it is just feeding the conspiracy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a lot worse than they’re letting on though. Her son claiming she’s walking a mile a day I think is 100% BS.

For the primary, I don’t think they’ll dare let super delegates steer it the way they did with Bernie/Clinton again. They already tried the, “We don’t care that you like Bernie, we want Clinton and you’ll show up and vote regardless”. And then no one showed up to vote and they lost. I never want to underestimate the stupidity of the left but I doubt they’ll do that again.



I actually stand corrected. Looks like they made some superdeligate reforms over the summer. Will they work? Remains to be seen.




I agree completely. Whether the kid was right or wrong for what he did, it’s the parents job to take care of it, not the news, not the nation. This is setting a standard that absolutely no one can uphold. If every person that ever did or say something controversial was lambasted like this kid was then we might as well live stream 20,000 channels just for that.


Even if he comes out with a cool mill he’s a winner.


i am sure they will launch another dozen or so lawsuits against other outlets and individuals and rightfully so.


This should be mandatory for everyone to watch… alas, so many people will be more aware of Jussie’s story without knowing he was lying the whole time.


On my 6 hour drive home today I was thinking about all the BS the Obama justice department stuck it’s nose in. Where the fuck is the Trump justice department on the Jussie Smollett case? Have the AG come down hard on this prick.