Toronto Star article

i read thi in the star this morning. need more people in the media saying more stuff like this.

what do you think?


that was pretty well written

I say her and the Sargent on the news awhile back, they did not see or catch any street racers. That was a nice article.

Good article for sure…

i loved every sentence! its what i get into arguments about with other ppl all the time

amazing piece of writing

very well writen. truth is that “street racers” are a massive cash cow for the government. they make insane amounts of money from all there bullshit muffler and tint tickets. it will never go away so we just need to cope with it until someone creates a tuner political party. it worked for the stoners, u can’t even get arrested unless u have over 30 grams of pot nowdays. all those pot ralleys and marchs payed off.

everyone slap on a rice bomb, head over to parliament, turn our asses towards the front door and rev the fuckers out of parliament.

dam right. its all about the dough