True "Touchless" washes with monthly programs?

Looking for a true “touchless” car wash in WNY that offers:

-a monthly unlimited type program
-No spinning brushes or those Japanese tentacle porn thingies
-no conveyors or rollers, car is too low

Go to main hand wash. Just sucks with the lines and scrapping on the way out. Unless they fixed the incline.

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I can recommend a great place in Orlando Fl.

Yeah I’m moreso looking for the Laser Wash type deal (Millersport/North Forest) or (Transit/Como Park)

You won’t find a monthly program with Lazerwash in the area.

Personally I drive all the way to Orchard Park to get my truck washed at the Lazerwash out that way. It’s actually a few dollars cheaper than others in the area (top wash is $9) and does a way better job. The wash is actually setup to do multiple passes which make a huge difference. I also think they properly heat the water too.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all the Lazerwash locations in WNY.

The one behind basil quick oil change on transit does a pretty good job. Think it’s pretty cheap. Only used the codes after my oil change.

Is that one touchless? I went to go there once and there was an out of order sign.

Yes touchless. There is a “wand” that moves 360 around the vehicle.

I’ll have to check it out again then :tup:

Yeah the one behind the Basil lube place is great, close to my place too.

I think that there may be a monthly option at the magic mist on transit near NYBP. I haven’t been there in a couple years but it was my go to touchless wash before I gave up when the rust came through

I like the one at Rusiniaks across from AppleTree

There is a newer one if you are ever out in Elma/Marilla/Alden area, right at Clinton and Two Rod. It’s my favorite touchless wash in wny, just no monthly pass. I spoke to the owner last fall and he said he was going to look into setting up the machine for monthly but nothing yet.

I’m not really a fan of monthly wash packages. Years ago I got the Delta Sonic one and made sure I used it enough to get my moneys worth out of it… however because I used it so much my door handles became pitted and etched, to the point where I had to put caps over them.

Once a week, touchless is what I do now.

Just used this one a hour ago. Did the delux $9 wash. Truck looks really good. Drove over to the apple
tree and finished drying it off. Found my new wash place. Will try the next tier down next week. See if I notice much of a difference.

The rusiniaks one is decent, but I like the Lazerwash in OP area. I know we are talking about quick washes, but if you guys need a professional detail or any paint correction/ buffing done this spring I have a guy. Only person I trust with my cars and he does an awesome job. I’m sure he will give any NYspeeders a discount as well

I like the rusiniaks one because its knocks all of the bird shit off my truck.

The one at Basil does not.

I never think to head out to that Kwik Fill on Two Rod but will check it out.

I still use the Delta program, no complaints…

X2 ^. Never had an issue either.

My car is too low for Delta.

Only issue with delta is that it is not truly touchless and you don’t know what went through before you. That’s why some people call it Delta Scratch-it