TV Geeks: Help Me Pick A New Set

I am looking for a new TV and I think the best choices I have come up with are the Pioneer 5080 ( and the Samsung 5265 ( For reference, the Sammy is $3000 to my door and the Pioneer is $2500. Any reason I should get the one vs. the other, plasma vs lcd, or any other suggestions for other sets feel free to chime in.

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Sammy makes good TV’s and it’s an LCD…

+1, samsung lcds are great…

the lighting and size of room helps when Deciding if you should go plasma or LCD.

The room has a good amount of natural light, but that can be handled by simply drawing the blinds. I mostly watch TV at night so lighting shouldn’t be a huge issue. I mostly watch movies and sports if that helps any.

Pioneer, check speaker shop, they carry pioneers and swear by them.

They say to go plasma if you have a large room with a lot of light. Less light and a darker room lcd is better.

I’m sure viper996 will chime in and give you better advise,

my room is not large and is low lit, it looks great.

i turn my lights off when watching mine actually.

^ Plasma or LCD?

Actually just the opposite is true. Plasma has a very reflective glass on it that LCD’s do not…

Well I guess I have been looking for the wrong TV.

I think I have identified pretty decent LCD and plasma based on avforums and some other sites… Now I just need to figure out which tv will work best for my apllications and my room. I am still a bit confused on this one. I also thought plasma was good for brightly lit rooms and lcd got washed out…


reflective glass or not, plasmas are brighter usually.

this is way too broad of a statement to decide against plasma.

i am a fan of plasma for viewing because they are typically brighter.

this has been discussed a whole bunch and argued…blah blah blah. sam, i know you play video games, which i wouldnt reccomend with a plasma. if this will be a viewing tele only, then i say go plasma.

dont take my word for it, go to the speaker shop. see my good friend matt. he will show you what you want to compare, and tell you more about tv’s and their difference than you want to know.

tell him i sent you for a good deal. make fun of me and he will give you an even better deal. give him a chance to be competitive with internet pricing. he WILL if he can.

when i build my house, matt will be the ONLY person i trust to design my media room, thats how much i trust him. i am going to see him tonight and will tell him to keep a heads up for you.


laser when it comes out, or direct view CRT tech(I forgot what they are calling it) but its the thickness of a plasma

i play video games on my plasma all the time, as long as it burned in and calibrated correctly, you will have no issues.

agreed, the black levels help out a lot with details vs lcd, also burn in is not a problem like people think it is, unless your plasma is from 1999

i downoaded a nice burnin dvd from avsforum, ran it for 48 hours, and havnt had a problem ever.

still…unless you take precautions, plasma will get fuct up, you have to know this…i am willing to bet sam didnt. so it might have been a problem at some point