Ugh, another LS swap


But this time it’s replacing the existing LS in this thing:

2000 Fixed Roof Coupe

I bought it to mainly enjoy as a street car and not really modify since I went off the deep end with my BMW…which I did up until now.

But here we are almost 2 years later and naturally I can’t just leave things alone, especially after spending lots of time here:

Did a bunch of lapping days in the summers of 2016 and '17 and got the itch for more power. Beat up on a lot of cars at the track, held my own against some stock new Vipers and R8s in the corners but they drove away from me on the straights, pretty frustrating. I did the math for a heads/cam upgrade on the existing motor and by the time you add in all the supporting hardware and a tune, the gains just weren’t worth the expense - especially when a big jump in displacement and head technology is available for not much more. With the exception of valve reliefs in the pistons and sodium filled valve the L92 is identical to the LS3, once you delete the VVT. The plan is a stock bottom end, mild mannered cam with a broad powerband, bulletproof valvetrain, stock LS3 intake, etc. Really as close to an OEM+ setup as I can get.

Nothing wrong with the current LS1, actually runs quite strong for 125k miles. I plan on sticking it in storage for a future project unless somebody makes me a great offer on it.

So here we go. Hop in the car and go see a man about a thing an hour away

2008 Escalade with 78,000 miles is giving its all-aluminum, 6.2L L92 heart after having a tree fall on it in a windstorm.

A few weeks later I had her strapped up and ready to come home

I really didn’t feel like dragging the cherry picker out of the shed so a bit of wiggling with the lift arms and it came right off the trailer.

The cool thing about using equipment that you haven’t touched in years is that sometimes your “past” self is smart enough to keep the bolts for LS engines zip tied to the motor stand.

Wife: “So you’re telling me you’re going to take apart a perfectly good running car, again?”

I pulled off the water pump and the exhaust manifolds - was unlucky enough to snap off 2 bolts, one below the surface of the head. Think I’ll try the welder trick for that one, we’ll see how it goes.


very cool. Looking forward to this. You’re always very detailed in your write-ups and pictures. :tup:


Nice thread, awesome! Are you planning to do upgrades besides the engine, tires, suspension etc.?


LS swaps are so advanced we are LS swapping cars that come with LS motors!!!


We’ll see how long I can keep it up

Right now it’s already pretty capable on the road course with some aggressive pads and square 275s. Any more than that and I wouldn’t feel comfortable without a dry sump which I’m not yet interested in doing.

If I need a break from engine work I still have the vinyl wrap in the basement so it might get a color change over winter


So what kind of power will the 6.2 make?


Depending on the cam, 450-480rwhp. Really want to keep it driveable

LS3 with a low lift (read: spring friendly) cam that sounds cool


With 480 wheel you’re probably still going to have Vipers and R8s pulling away from you in the straights… trust me I know, lol.


LS3 stuff makes 500rwhp fairly easy with a small-medium cam and bolt ons.

Head design people don’t really run giant cams to make those big numbers with square port stuff.

Also pics of the turbo kit??


lol, nice


Gauge cluster swap? That escalade cluster is sooooo luxurious!

and LOL and the wife picture…I can only imagine her thoughts…ANOTHER WINTER PARKING OUTSIDE!!!


Big ballin’ yo

She always gets the other spot…but then again if I make her park outside for another winter I might finally be able to convince her to build the 3rd bay addition I’ve been dreaming of

That’s why I wanted to make the jump to rectangle port, I could make better numbers than a max effort LS6 setup with a much smaller cam and keep driveability reasonable

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Also I found the pics of the turbo kit


While pulling off the truck manifolds I broke 2 of the bolts, both on the passenger side. One was about 3/8" above the surface, not a big deal. The other was about 1/8" recessed. I never have luck with the “drill it and then proceed to snap off a bolt extractor” method so I pulled out the MIG and welded a nut onto the tall stud.

The little guy beneath the surface actually wasn’t bad at all. I built up a puddle of weld until it stuck out about 1/4", and cooled the cherry red blob quickly with a spray of water. The hope was to thermally shock it and break the bond on the threads. Then welded a nut onto the blob, and again shocked it with water.

30 seconds later:


Nice work. I have had some trouble with broken bolts as well. Having a welder sure is handy!


yeah welding trick works great. I’ve had to do it several times on my junkyard motors lol


Wanna put money on it? :slight_smile:


R8’s no way, I don’t think you’d beat a viper, but it’d be closer. Need to remember that 6.2L will have a much better torque curve as well. More torque pushing that <3200lb car = win.


At high speed, weight really is not a factor. All about the powa and aero.


That welding trick makes me want to go buy a welder.


I pulled a yellow Viper and I make less power than what’s mentioned.