Undercutting, etc.

Are there any rules as far as undercutting goes? I’m just curious as I see it happen sometimes, sometimes I’m able to do it but refrain for moral reasons, etc.

So merely to satisfy my curiousity… say someone in the vendor section posts something for sale – everyone in the thread is ranting and raving about how good the prices are (i have a feeling sometimes this is the vendors friends trying to help promote… poor noobs get fooled by this probably) and then I see this and realize “wtf… thats not even a fantastic price” or “wtf, I sell those for less”

is it unfair to post in that thread stating I sell for less. If so, is it unfair for me to post a separate thread in the FS or GB section selling the same product but for less money?

Again, when I say “I”… I don’t mean ME necessarily, I’m just creating a scenario.

… Or do I? muwahhah. I !

do it



left hook, right hook, then follow through with the undercut

yeah on the exact same product new/un-used I would say yes, mentioning that you can provide the item for less, is a benefit to the end user and the board overall…

however this is a different subject when it come to used/hard to find parts. Condition of the item comes into play.

Yeah just don’t shit all over them. Simple, to the point and polite should do the trick.

But knowing you, that’s how you’d post it anyways.

Awesome thanks guys… it seems everyone so far has the same stance on this. I was unsure what people would say to be honest.

Now my only other dilemma is that a few of the bigger sellers here are buddies so I don’t want to shit on their threads and sales, hah.

In fact, I don’t even really care to sell parts much anymore but it’s just so tempting to post something like “why does everyone think this is so cheap, I sell them for $xx” haha

On that note, does anyone have any less obvious tactics to getting (shipping preferably) parts from the US to Canada? In 100% complete seriousness I can get parts for very aggressive prices in the US and every time I go I literally bring my fastback FULL of parts back (It’s gutted for that reason). I’m going this friday and I’ve for $5K in random parts to bring back… to the point where I need to unbox everything just to fit in my hatchback. I do this almost every time I go there because parts are just soo stupidly cheap that I can sell them easily until I think it will fill my car and then stop. If I had a better way to get them here it would be good deals on parts for everyone, always.

Why don’t you rent a cube van for a day (like 40 bucks) and drive down and grab the parts? If you have a free day it’s probably very profittable. Would be way to expensive to ship tons of parts…

well, part of the reason i said “preferably shipped” is because I don’t get free days too often… the parts selling is side side side business… which means I have a job where I do 40 or more hours per week, then I have a business (www.JetStreamHosting.com … as you all know probably) that takes another 15-20 hours per week… then I have Real North Consulting which I’m one of 3 partners in … IT consulting… thats less time… generally 5 hours per week only but still…

that doesnt leave many free days for selling parts if you know what i mean – thats why i generally stick to big GB’s and stuff – I just do it for fun and to get my own parts for cheap… definitely not to try to make money, there’s too much competition in the aftermarket parts business to make REAL money without pushing a reasonably high volume of parts (which like I said, I have no time for).

Also, regarding the rental – they won’t insure me if I take it over the border ;( :frowning:

Tried that one already… I called around for hours trying to find someone that would insure me if I drive across the border and no go. But good thinking otherwise haha :slight_smile:

Sucks that they don’t insure you. Even if you were to pay someone 200 bucks to drive down plus gas and rental (say 300 total) that’s still cheaper than shipping a truck full of parts which will cost 1000s.

I don’t have any other ideas, heh. But the side business thing is cool, I’m always insterested in things like that rather than doing the typical “work 9-5 and taht’s it” type of thing. Just cause you never know when it will take off and then you won’t have to do the 9-5 job anymore :). I’ll see if I can get something started once I make some cash this summer…

Sorry for the hijack :slight_smile:

nah… this is front desk pretty much anything goes here i think haha… but… we’re a bit off topic maybe talking about side business.

but yeah… side business is fun if you’re in to that sort of thing

I’m a money whore so I try to keep working on something that generates money pretty much from sleep till sleep.

Anyhow… I’ll try to figure out something… if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post them.

if you ask me Johnny, you should get out of the parts business for good. i heard it gives you aids

hahaha i will nevar surrender to you binz0r!

ORLY? then its on like megatron

lol to tell u the truth ifu want to rent a van i will hellp :wink: even 2 vans wold be great