*Urgent* Rental Question

I know you can rent the car trailers from uhaul no issues and I have done it 15 times before.

What I need to know is if any of you have rented a full size SUV or Pickup Capable of Towing a trailer and car.

I stopped by Budget and they have a full size Durango they will rent me with the v8 but I have no idea if it has a tow package or reciever on it.

Uhaul only rents their pickups for local around town stuff.

Anyone? This would be a big help as the truck I was going to use is in the shop currently.


should be fine. I was able to rent a trailer with my dads v6 mountaineer. The funny thing is that if it was a explorer, they wouldnt have rented the trailer to me because of that recall a few years back

I called around when I needed a tow vehicle and all the car rental places would not let you tow with their vehicles. The only place that I could find that would let you tow is Uhaul.

Yeah tell me about it…I have a v6 explorer :frowning:

What they dont know wont hurt them…just no idea if the Durango has the factory tow hitch.

And I am not driving a box van 14 hours lol

I was thinking the same thing but I don’t think any of them come with hitches. I had a new quad cab dakota as a rental when my wife’s car was in for service and it did not have a hitch.
The only thing you could do is rent one and put a hitch on it.

Yeah…that sort of defeats the purpose for a one day affair.

I am tempted to just buy a truck but I am really enjoying not having a car payment. sigh

Take my truck for the Day as long as you don’t beat on it.04 Silverado Z-71 with the 5.3L should be no problem for it.DOn’t really know ya but always seem like a decent guy.

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Commercial Roofing Manufacturer sales rep.

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