veedub golf questions.. UPDATE

Im in search of a new DD and someone at work is selling a vedub golf

are there any known problems with them…

Im not sure what model/year but ill have that tomorrow.

fire away :slight_smile:


is his name dan… its silver gti with the 1.8t


the person at work selling it.

is his name… Dan?

and is it a silver gti (vw golf)?


i live/work in new jersey.

its an attorney’s daughter

oh hahaha sorry my bad, i was thinking you are funkylemons.

haha damn it

cause some guy at funky’s work is selling a 02 golf gti.

wow what a coinkidynk

dude, if you buy a VW myself and the rest of the Polish nation will disown you.

dood your just mad cus it will be fassSter than your sohc :stuck_out_tongue:

there is no such thing as a fast VW


i kno i kno but i need a reliable dd

i wouldn’t reccomend a reliable DD as a VW. don’t get me wrong, i am a huge VW enthusiast, but they aren’t the most reliable things in the world. and they aren’t fast, but you want a DD, so it shouldn’t matter. stay away from autos. with the exception of the new DSG, VW has yet to make a decent auto tranny. find out the model year, and we could tell you a lot more. get the model year and the engine too.

1997 VW Golf 5 speed manual, 84K miles, black, 4 door + hatch, very good condition (she even fixed some minor door scrape and a missing hubcap to make it look better)


bump tackular

buy this, and the Polish falcon will kill you in your sleep

ew torsion beam.

that’s the 2.0L motor. you’ll be slow as fsck, but relatively reliable. you will have a water pump going on it soon if it hasn’t been replaced already. also the timing belts are comign up if it hasn’t been done yet.

buy a tdi, be happy :slight_smile:

word…i want a TDi real bad. the gas milage is unbelievable.

i have never seen a tdi run on gas.