VW Cabriolet Project for the wifey


No doubt. It probably took me 8-10 hours so far to mod that cover.



Small update.

Got the car rolled up in prep for the raptor.

Welded the oil drain I fabbed a few months ago to the new oil pan. The top 1/4" was a hoot to get to under the flange.

Also deburred a bit of the casting lines and crap on the head and got everything packed up so I can hopefully drop it off at the machine shop tomorrow.



I hope the machine shop is aware of your extreme attention to detail. lol


Itll be ok. I just got back from dropping it off.


big step! eta to you?

I feel like once the shell is sprayed this will take final form rather quickly. Living vicariously through this one, man!


No ETA. He said, “should be pretty quick”. Which could be a month or three knowing machine shop time.

In all honesty Im hoping its slower than faster so I can delay paying for it. haha

Also its still going to be months before its even close. There is infinity work to do yet. I doubt ill even have time to do interior before next winter.



Huge progress this weekend.

Saturday I masked off a few areas that I didnt want the Raptor texture on (mainly suspension / steering mount points) and sprayed them with some single stage Audi Silver (LY7M).

The tunnel so I can apply some thermal film

Also sprayed the brake booster bracket that I modified a while back since it was ready and I had lots of paint mixed. I was pretty happy how it turned out considering this was my first time spraying something other than primer.

Sunday I did the biggest pain in the ass masking job maybe ever. Took me over 3 hours.

All so I could Raptor the subframe bracing red to try and match the other powder coated pieces. I was very happy that the color came out damn near perfect - considering I picked it out of a book of like a billion red chips.

Yup, was worth it.

Color match

Im gona try like hell to get the bottom in the silver raptor this week, but there may not be time.



Prepped for Raptor.



Sprayed the silver Raptor last night. A little darker than I was hoping, but maybe itll dry lighter…

Either way Im stoked. Taking a few days off while that cures before I put it back on the dolley. Prob next wed/thurs.



So have you ever considered doing this for money? Because I have a 300zx sitting in my garage that I’d love to have someone make the bottom look this clean, lol.

I’m years away from attempting a a full “restore” on my car, but seeing this thread really makes me feel like I’ve neglected it.


Even at 10/hr this would be a million restore. :laughing:


Yea, def not doing this for money. Id have no time to do my own stuff.

I probably have 100 hours just into the bottom of this thing. Between stripping it, mods, the subframe, battery box, priming, coating, MASKING. Ugh.


Yeah, uhh… @juicedz4 makes me look like i’m neglecting pretty much every aspect of my life.

Inspiring stuff.