walbro fuel pump issues.

Ok, so i got a new fuel pump off someone on here in packaging and what not im not concernd about that, but since iv put it in, the car has had some problems with cutting out and dying. The first time it happend thought to myself, couldnt be the pump, so i sent my sending unit out to be repaird (99.95$) got it back was still doing the exact same thing the second time i got one of the mechanics to watch me re wire it in and said nothing was done wrong either time, so i bought another sending unit (120$). still fucked, that didnt fix it, but the holes and such on the 2nd sending unit didnt line up the same as the first sending unit i had in the vehicle, so i thought 3rd times the charm, bought another one off kollo.(40$)

STILL the same problem, im still not saying its the pump, but is there any problems with maybe not getting enough power to the pump or is it the pump?

When it dies it wont restart unless i go to the trunk and smash on the top of the sending unit. (Did that with all 3 sending units)

What do you think? -Wiring? - Pump? Shitty 240?

Did you check the wiring connections? Most likely if you hit it to work the connector might be faulty. Are you loosing fuel pressure or is the pump just cutting out all together? Also check the rubber lines going in and out of the pump. They probably been sitting there for the life of the car and when you pulled the lines they cracked more.

the thing works awesome about 80% of the time, when it happens, it first starts to sputter, will keep going for about 10 seconds then just shut off , car dies, im stuck on the 401. the lines are good have been replaced, the connections i learned to check after the first sending unit.

Put ur stock pump back in and see what happens.

Yeah, try putting in the old pump in first and if anything happens you may want to check your fuel pump relay and fuse. Its possible there could be a hairline crack on the fuse.

^^^^use the pump i gave you when i pulled it out it should still flow the same fuel as a wallborro its off a gts (rb20) and its always worked fine for me

beating on the tank sounds like an issue with the pump, thats what i do to cars at work that have bad fuel pumps in them beat on the tank till it starts then drive it in and a good 95% of them are bad pumps

maybe it just LOFT…(Lack Of Fucking Talent)

+1 for trying your old pump…
just because its new dosent mean it works.

guess i’ll put the stock one back in monday. fuck

if its not that then it may be something unrelated… like your filter? ive seen it happen before… somethings are just straight confusing at times.