Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)

yo guys, do we have a thread for this kind of discussion yet?

specifically what you are buying and what’s working for you?

i had never bought any stocks until a couple weeks ago. marijuana stocks are going bananas all over the place and i just threw a couple grand into a couple and i’m up 20% in 2 weeks so needless to say i’m a little hooked.

however, i’d like to diversify and get some stuff paying good dividends as well as just some ego-oriented stuff (i bought some facebook just to say i have it)

if there is a thread already i’ll merge this in but i couldnt find one… unless you guys consider the financial markets thread up the same alley

There kinda is a thread. Also @King for weed stock.

Do your research on weed stocks. So many people are chasing penny like $MJNA and getting rekt on them. Make sure you are buying actual companies that deal with weed and not ones that hold “assets” on the pink sheets that you keep seeing getting shilled.

I am mostly index, options, and forex trader but I do buy stocks and hold for about a year at a time. My strategy is aggressive so take it with what you want.

  • TWTR, Twitter, Inc. - Buying up in the dips into the $14 range just above 50% off from its IPO with a bunch of fills in May of this year. Their financials are still the same but the chance of them being bought has been increasing as they need to be taken over so the upside moves is much higher than the downside. Seeing $20+ as a upside potential if the news goes positive with a restructure.

  • SWHC - Smith and Wesson Holding Corp - Been buying this summer. Picked up a bunch low $20s before their earnings. The shootings, Democrat party for banning “assault weapons” hysteria, and their revenue as a result has made them a great move all summer. Dumped it all when it broke above $30 and was going to wait until the election settled down. Waiting to see how far it resets to this year and maybe take another interest when Trump takes office.

Kicking myself for not buying AMD at 1.80~. It hit over $7 last week and I expect it to continue to climb as new technology makes it way out there in Q1 (Zen.) It’ll finally give Intel a run for its money, at least on the CPU side.

Food for thought.

@boxxa what’s the latest on who could buy Twitter? Every time I hear news about it another potential purchaser drops off.

i have been thinking a lot about buying twitter for exactly the reasons you mentioned. they will surely be bought at some point at a premium and i saw that they were around the $14 mark but i’m just not sure what the floor on the stock is.

Olympus would have been a good one after their accounting scandal too.

the weed stocks i’ve been buying are: CGC (400% gain this year and acquiring a lot of good businesses) and ACB… similar story.

I just moved a few grand more into my trading account to re-up on each. these basically came off the recommendation from my cousin and aunt who are following that stuff closely.

It is floating around or sure. The big players I think are out and just rumors. Microsoft has their own attempt to make that type of technology, Facebook and Linked In have their own niche. It is great for news if you use it right but there is a lot of problems they need to fix and also make it profitable without destroying the user experience. Biggest questions are who wants to hold onto a company that is running at massive losses until they get their act together.

At this rate it could go sub $10 depending on how bad it gets. People are eventually going to get sick of the hope of a buy and then hearing they are not. I just think the upside on it could be much better than the downside.

Recently FB options have been running pretty well. They are trending well and can take some profits using weekly P/C

I get all my investment advice off of r/wallstreetbets


so i’m way way up again every day on the weed stocks… but another interesting point here… with the USD being some strong i’m kinda going to get my ass handed to me on the FB and APPL stocks because i have to buy in USD and the dollar conversion blows…

but on the flip side… if you’ve got a medium (1 year plus) position and you buy these CDN weed stocks you get them at a huge discount right now and play out the currency until it’s back around 1.2-1.25




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dude, CGC is nearly triple that price now… im jealous of that dude

they halted trading on 5 weed stocks im holding this morning… shit was getting insane…

josh this is amazing: https://www.reddit.com/r/weedstocks/

i dunno how often these kinds of swings happen but today has been nuts and it’s not even noon yet

I’m changing the title of this thread to weed stocks.

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HAHA 44%!

Yeah I am holding every stock that was halted except mettrum. I already put too much money in all this. Just going to ride it for a while.

I tell you, like those reddit dudes I too nearly stroked out when they halted 2 stocks and wiped $8k in gains

Soooo Snapchat?

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Dude, just today… $14 open, $17.30 peak… sitting at $11.34 right now. Time to re-up :slight_smile: