Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)

none of you guys are into this right now eh?

I’m killing it on a few right now…

wonder if anyone here played $DRYS went from $16 to $98 in two days, and then back down to $11ish

I’m still buying up cannabix technologies. I have made some decent money and I continue to purchase.

how much upside do you think that will have?

my cousin bought in at $0.10 but sold out at $0.30… i got in much more recently after all that drama but i’m down a few cents.

i dont think the breathalyzer will have nearly the upside of the producers so i’m not planning to play that stock much after it goes green

I don’t know when it will peak really. But if recreational MJ gets legalized across the states eventually, it should be in Canada soon regardless. I believe whoever develops the first successful breathyzler will be making bank of their product. I got about 2.5g’s in and I’m worth around 8 grand in that stock alone. It’s done me well.

I bought a few grand of Vodis (VP) and it’s up 127% in 2 weeks. Sold a bit on Friday and it just kept going up…

Cgc coming way down… might drop below $10 today.

all the big players are tanking today… down 8-12% thus far

lolol. just seeing this now. i had a weedstock back in 2009ish that grew 1400% in about a day after there was a news article that the company signed a documentary deal.

I lost 15% but I’ll just buy more. I really believe in their product and their prototype seems to be doing well. AFAIK they are the furthest along to develop a working mj breathalyzer.


CGC bought MT… MT is the only of the majors that i dont hold… and it popped 40% today on thew news of the premium.

CGC dropping today, time to buy!

CGC overpaid. Between that and the EMC IPO crazy couple days. Anyone play it?

the IPO hasnt happened yet for EMC. its Dec 9 now.

i was way up but everything came back down to earth so i’m going to go long.

i made a couple wrong bets on some pre-licensed stuff… didnt buy anywhere near the highs though so hopefully they come back.

Canada’s new legal marijuana regime is expected to feature a mishmash of provincial rules and a heavily regulated production system that will initially favour existing producers of medical cannabis, sources say.

big day today

Canada’s Cannabic task force made public their 5 month study which outlines the recommendations for legalization. I’m up $3k today on the news.

copying over some reddit summary contents:

on the corporate cannabis question – recommend a diversity of producers

how to protect little players – diversity if an important value in relation to the producers. there will be means by which gov’t going forward could ensure a certain degree of diversity. different kinds of market interventions that gov’t could choose to adopt to ensure diversity. recommend that is something the government watches very carefully. the governent needs to understand the value of a diverse market with growers of different sizes/expertise. at the end of the day how that market develops is up to the government of Canada

legalization timeline – no recommendation; up to Federal government

storefront model – wholesale and resale distribution within jurisdiction of provinces and territories. final decisions in the form of retail up to provinces/territories

degree of support for legalisation – absolute

how much pressure on policy makers to get this right, where did you go most helpful to legalise – very important for gov’t to get this right. provide most concrete, balanced recommendations around policy of public safety and public health. setup baseline measures to understand start points, constantly learning as you go along and build flexibility into framework that allows you to maneuver as you go

taxation suggesting revenue raised goes into law enforcement/health? – we are not quantifying where revenue should go. wide variety of nothing more than guesses and estimates. make the case clearly that all governments, revenue gained from new legal market, some substantial part should flow into public education, enforcement, inspection and for the gov’t to license producers to apply in a timely fashion

police enforcement – drug impaired driving is already a challenge; not a new challenge created by legalisation. that is why science is catching up to challenge. not quite there yet, police are testing three roadside oral fluid testing devices to determine any of which three may be the breakthrough ppl hoping for. THC metabolizes differently in body, can’t adopt a BAC approach to determining impairment.

difficult to set 18 as limit – challenge balance between risks between brain and adolescent health and risk of the black market. science is non-existent or contradictory; differences in interpretation in report. believe we’ve arrived at sensible point, critical piece is they’re informed on their decisions, how we teach parents, children, public about risks when used at very early ages and thc quantity.

legal limit for impaired driving – yes if we had the science to backup the limit; the science is not quite there although catching up
how can you demonstrate to determine level of THC in blood constitutes impaired driving; science not there yet, so unable to make recommendation on something unproven. many scientists currently working to provide police with the tools they need. want roadside protection, want the possibility of assessing level in the blood
one suggestion we make is this issue is for future, continuing problem and recommendation that should be left in Criminal Code for the time being.

max potency for edible products – comes from experience with Colorado which did not label and warn public and saw public-health issues emerge. not appealing to children, plain packaging and labeled so consumers have access to standardized dose

current law – should be enforced until time that law is changed (good for LPs) (perspective as former Minister of Justice
what should gov’t be most vigilante about? education; what is cannabis, it is a tool for doctors, patients; we need to education ourselves about this product. we are preparing the groundwork

compassion club - visited BC we saw a holistic approach, where cannabis is part and parcel of a wellness approach. met people who run the club, patients, board of directors. We do have to be honest that presently that which is done there is illegal, at least part, some part of that which they are doing. They in fact are licensed under the City of Vancouver as other dispensaries have been licensed in that city. What we learned there is that there can be a holistic wellness based approach, street-level approach that serves highly marginalised populations and this is a model that the report references and suggests governments should look at going forward
edit: some quick notes I took during the presentation; hardly exhaustive and would recommend everyone read the full report

Also, one of the early main stocks, Organigram, released their financials today and they were quite strong. reported a healthy profit, positive EPS and strong trending overall

a more concise summary from CBC today:

Sales and marketing

  • Set the minimum age of purchase as 18, respecting the rights of provinces and territories to harmonize with sales of alcohol.
  • Avoid selling alcohol and cannabis at the same location where possible: dedicated storefronts and direct mail are preferable.
  • Limit the density and location of storefronts, including their proximity to schools and parks.
  • Regulate retail sales at the provincial and territorial level.
  • Restrict the promotion and advertising of cannabis products, similar to restrictions now in place for tobacco.
  • Require plain packaging with company name, strain name, price, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) amounts and health warnings.
  • Prohibit any product deemed “appealing to children,” including products that look like candy.


  • Establish pricing and taxation following an economic analysis.
  • Tax higher potency THC products at a higher rate to discourage purchase.
  • Use revenue from cannabis regulation for drug prevention, education and treatment.​

Public consumption and possession

  • Extend restrictions on public smoking of tobacco products and vaping to cannabis.
  • Allow and regulate dedicated places to consume cannabis products (lounges, for example.)
  • Limit public possession to 30 grams of dried, non-medical cannabis or its equivalent, with a corresponding sales limit.

Production and distribution

  • Implement a system of licensed producers to grow cannabis in Canada.
  • Allow personal cultivation of up to four plants per residence, with a height limit of 100 cm.
  • Maintain medical marijuana access separately, with the same tax system as non-medical use.
  • Move swiftly to create capacity for producing and selling cannabis.

Public education and safety

  • Begin public education strategy immediately.
  • Determine how to establish limits to prevent an increase in cannabis-impaired driving.

this link also provided a connection to the complete report: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/marijuana-task-force-highlights-1.3894219

maybe this is more than a weed stock investing thread.

this legislation provides the strongest model of legalization that each US state and the Fed will reference if and when the US goes federally legal… which could take years of course.

Also, it provides the framework to legalize other drugs in the future.



yeah my mettrum and CGC shares are supposed to merge tomorrow. AAPL opening higher too.

i need ACB to pop up though. I was up on it then they announced another bought deal that dropped the stock from $2.60 to $2.25 in two days.

my TFSA is maxed out so i cant really buy more at the moment to avg down.

Open a normal taxable account, buy buy buy.