Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


i just bought a few hundred shares of ETP today… not weed stocks


so this is interesting today.

this came out a few weeks ago: http://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2017/01/18/national-academy-of-sciences-suggests-removing-barriers-to-cannabis-research-basically-deschedule/#56920b91507e

National Academy of Sciences pushes for reclassification of marijauna… then today presumably due to a case brought by “Americans for Safe Access” to prevent government agencies from communicating false info much of the DEA’s stated position on MJ as being a gateway drug with significant long term negative health effects was removed…

case brought: http://american-safe-access.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/DOJ%20IQA%20Petition.pdf

pardon my interest but i find the legalization of MJ to be perhaps the most significant investment opportunity of our collective lifetimes. i’m pretty deep into this financially now and pouring more in every week.


Today from Reuters… Brazilian Supreme Court Judge makes statement that legalization of marijauna (And cocaine) is inevitable the only way to curb the power of cartels.


I’m not mad at all.


I’ve noticed as the US Economy gains, my Canadian weed stock falls. It’s got me in a bit of a tizzy.


which one? still BLO?

i’d scrap that one if you have it. i only have 3 in the red… 2 US weed stocks and BLO.


insane week in weedstocks.

OWCP went from $0.04 in August 2016 to a close of over $2.10 yesterday… $5k back then would make you a multi-millionaire. It was up 128% yesterday alone.

falling hard today as people take profits.

the new thing appears to be speculating on which low-cap is going to be first to the key cannibinoid patents. TBP is a canadian stock that had a similar trajectory over the past 3 months. down 20% today as it gets closer to reality.


$5k back then would have been a REAL speculative move though, lol.


i have about 6 low cap holds like that…

some dude today was holding 110,000 shares of OWCP at $0.22 and cashed out today at some point to pay off his mortgage.




man up $10k since thursday.

today has been a wild ride… various holdings up 8% - 30% in one day.

legislation being tabled thursday is the catalyst but there are more on the way.


I have to start diversifying.


any of you guys still in this?

Ontario announced that they are going to create a provincial monopoly on the sale of weed as they already have with alcohol. However, New Brunswick not only went the same path but simultaneously announced 2 supply agreements with publicly traded licensed producers that are worth about $40M in sales per year for 4 years each. Needless to say, both stocks gained. the smaller of the 2 gained 14%.

It will be interested to see if Ontario begins to announce similar agreements and if the other provinces who distribute alcohol this way do the same for cannabis and then subsequently announce supply agreements.

Things are heating up again after a long and painful spring/summer


Still in, still up :tup:


alberta is supposed to announce their plans tomorrow at a presser. BC was supposed to do it last week but they kinda just kicked the can down the road on it.


Ontario is going to sell online.


huge day for weed stocks today.

i sold out of my WEED, APH and ACB positions late morning for a 36%, 31% and 22% profit respectively. going to spread the $ around to some dividend, non-weed stocks then jump back into these 3 when the pull back occurs.

those 3 are the ‘big caps’ in weed. all of the mid-caps have made 3-7% moves upward today and will hopefully run a bit into next week.


I’m up 30% with Canopy. This thing is shooting to the moon again.


Bought another 300 shares of BLOZF and (non weed) 500 shares of spot coffee.


this is pretty big news: http://archive.is/zTbiC

Constellation Brands (Corona) has agrees to an above market premium for 9.9% of Canopy (WEED) with an option to jump to 20%.

crazy… and no official news yet. this is hot off the press. expect stock will be halted tomorrow.