Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


^^ I made 19% on WEED just today… time to sell!


I’m watching that WEED stock, it’s finally back to some levels where it was a while ago according to google’s stock chart. If it drops back down I may jump in balls deep.

EDIT: Let me know what you guys think is a good jump in point!

DOUBLE EDIT: Checking out some of the lower cost weed stocks, any of you guys still in those? I’d like to take 10K from my savings and split it up between digital currency and weeeeed.

Also @bing I’m still holding onto to BLOZF. Between them and HoundLabs, they’re the only 2 big runners for this THC breathalyzer. It’s a product I truly believe in. People shouldn’t be driving if they’re getting retarded. If you’re one of those “non-believers” that think weed isn’t like alcohol in terms of temporarily making you a hazard, your weed sucks and try playing sports while incredibly high. IMPOSSIBLE.


man… i sold my 3 large caps as per the post above on Oct 5 and they have all run up significantly… i left like $6k on the table as of today.

still waiting for all the mid cap guys to run up… they’re doing well but nothing blue sky like Canopy.

i have like $1k in BLO and i will get rid of it the second it gets back near where i bought it.


Currently up 88% on Canopy because I forgot to sell last week, lol. Whoops!


this doesnt make any logical sense…lol

canopy up another 9% today… nearly hit $21 cdn.

i have various holdings up 10-35% today alone.

still very upset i sold out on the big 3 though… left $10k on the table now.


I don’t look at it that way.

I’m up 114% as of typing this. BUT I haven’t really made jack shit until I sell. On the other had you’ve taken your winnings, so regardless you’re in a better position.

Realized vs. unrealized gains br0.

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EDIT: 115%

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EDIT #2 : 120%

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Seriously watching this thing go to the moon in real time, lol.


this is making a lot of millionaires this month…


On paper. They still have to sell and cash out!


@bing’s favorite, BLOZF! Up 20% today, but doesn’t matter cause I’m not cashing out. I’m HODLING everything! Even after trading for years I don’t feel comfortable pumping and dumping, I need more skillZ


^^^ Up 10% already today.

Canopy dumped 20% before close yesterday, but it’s up another 10%+ at open today.

Enjoy the ride :tup:


up 42% on EAT today on news… BLO still running as well, almost 9% today.


My Wells Fargo guy tells me he can’t buy weed stocks. He may be losing a client. Wells Fargo is a terrible company anyway.


Open a speculative account with ETrade or other online system, grab a beer, start throwing money into it. You don’t need a broker to play around.


@ubengineering i left BLO as soon as i was within 95% of my investment. took a small loss but it went back down right after i sold anyways.

EMH and FIRE ran up at the end of the day on Friday. some relevant earnings coming up this week. WEED on monday or tuesday and VFF too. they are affiliated with EMH and could push EMH higher… i hope.

If EMH and FIRE push their ATH’s in the coming weeks it would be great.


ridiculous day already today. everything is green… a lot of stuff up 5-8% and a few up 10-25% after just 30 minutes.

ACB is KILLING it still…

I am no longer holding ACB, i sold it for a decent gain and left several grand on the table now… but if you’re thinking of getting in this video is their recent investors presentation and it gives a good indication of why they are running:



you’re BLO is up 44% as of this moment.


Never mind, stock isn’t qualified for stop orders after hours (I was certain I could put this in and then leave it but guess not). Ill try when the market opens again.


hot off the press: http://www.bnn.ca/aurora-cannabis-launches-unsolicited-takeover-bid-for-rival-cannimed-1.915659

this is the reason for the 100% increase in ACB in the last month… fucking insiders.


God that bud looks delicious


your BLO is up another 44% today.

almost tripled since i sold it the other day… wtf