Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


@bing I’m just hoping it stabilizes somewhere, I don’t want to sell yet. My target price is 4$ or higher and I started at 15 cents-ish. If the breathalyzer is truly functional and serves its purpose, I believe this stock will shoot to the moon, and the product should be through testing by december according to the news I get. If anything were to happen soonish, I’m hoping they get bought out by a bigger company.


Just bought the domain name BudIsUs.com


gents, there is not enough discussion or interest in this subject and there needs to be.

weed stocks are like bitcoin 3 years ago except they make much much more sense and are easier to transact in being that they are typical marketable securities.

this week has been incredible and while there certainly needs to be some consolidation there is no denying the future for the market.


Well I’m still long on BLOZF. When the real deal is released to the public I see this thing between 5-10$. There is only one other competitor trying to make this thing, it’s gonna be HUGE in law enforcement and workplaces. I bet they’ll get bought out.

And @bing what does your pot portfolio look like?


I’m holding or have held everything and am swing trading it.

I’m holding most of the next tier (mid cap) licensed producers with a few of the US operators that are public. HVST, BE, IMH, TBP, CMM are my most recent buys since Oct. well up and the ones that are lagging will have their day.

I also hold a bunch of banks and dividend growth stuff and some APPL and FB. I cant match the monthly dividends of the portfolios of guys that are just chasing safer growth stuff but this weed stock wave is an incredible experience watching the market absorb new law.

also… #NIGHTCREW … working 2:30am on fridays is awesome.


reddit tips helped me snag a 30% gain in a few hours today on abattis.

it may be that this weed stock gain train is nearing its peak but hold damn i cant even handle whats going on. every day you think you should shave some holdings and realize gains but there are so many catalysts things just keep going to the moon.


jesus… sitting at 120% up on ATT but only on 4800 shares. i tipped a buddy and he bought 28,000 shares and is up 60% in 3 hours… it’s better than bitcoin…lol

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edit… he bought 47,000 shares… sell order in now.


I’m scared to read this thread just based on how much time I now spend checking my coinbase app. This stuff gets addicting fast.



but weed stocks are actual companies with actual licenses and revenues and international expansions. better liquidity in that they are easier to turn into cash and readily tradable in your bank account.



Weed MD is working with potcoin on rolling out products and services for customers. But I noticed while going through their investors presentation, ALL these cannabis companies!

I researched each one and obviously they’re different but they all maintain a common goal of wanting to get me high off my ball sac.

I think I’m going to start moving some money into WeedMD.

@bing I think every cannabis stock is going to the m00n come July 1st, we gonna celebrate!? I won’t tell your kids because drugs r bad m’kay

EDIT: After going through them, I’m particularly taken by Newstrike Resources (HIP on exchange) and Weed MD. Maybe I will split the difference between the 2.


why those 2 over the others?


WeedMD has partnered with potcoin and potcoin has made me 300% and it has the crypto factor involved. And Newstrike is cheap and I have a good feeling when weed is fully legalized in canada every damn weed stock is going up


newstrike has an acquisition offer on the table to be rolled into Cannimed.

however, Cannimed is involved in a hostile takeover attempt by Aurora and they have put in writing that they will not take newstrike.

if you buy newstrike you should know that the Cannimed take over is partially priced in and if the Aurora take over of Cannimed goes through Newstrike will likely fall.

If the Aurora deal fails then Newstrike will pop up closer to the premium offered by cannimed


just to add gents,

LARE is the first US-based ETF that will enable you to hold all the big CDN stocks. it should be live in the next couple weeks.

Also, this week finished pretty bearishly and i expect that over the holidays the values will leak a bit on tax harvesting and little if any big catalysts. So it may be a good time to get in.

I have some cash on the side waiting to re-enter or avg up on a few holdings depending on how the next week weeks go.

being largely fully invested already i am mostly looking to buy up the pull-backs on negative catalysts or downed volume.


this is a tremendous read and is US focused.

It is a commentary on the US legal weed industry going back to 2014 and forecasting through end of 2018 in a catalyst-focused discussion.



I just keep buying and hodlng blozf. up 30 g’s up on it. when that Breathalyzer hits the market and is out of testing i cant imagine what the price will be. HODL!


that’s great.

there are so many positions to take in this industry right now. I’m spread across maybe 20 of them and watching many more.

there have been some unbelievable ascents in the past 2 months. Namaste (N) is one of them… from $0.25 to $2.80 in a month and a bit. I had them on my watchlist as something worth buying but didnt put money in.

I am ready for 2018 though and am very excited about what im holding. I am sure i’ll catch 2 or 3 ascents like that. In fact, one may be starting next week with a reverse take-over announced after close on Friday.


God between weed and crypto i feel like im missing every 1000+% outbreak!!


yeah the US OTC markets are way up for weed right now. Canopy hitting an ATH and everything else is green.

the US ETF released their holdings and another CDN ETF is launching in January meaning lots of new money moving into the sector.


IGC went bananas today