Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


what is that company?

it looks like pretty much all of the weedstocks are up 10%+ today on the OTC market


India Globalization Capital, Inc. engages in the development of cannabis-based therapies to treat pain, PTSD, seizures, cachexia, chronic and terminal neurological and oncological diagnoses, and other life altering conditions.


It’s so hard to pinpoint what is gonna explode, but kudos to whoever was holding that at the time.


i cant really get down on the YOLO plays. they will be the first to burst at the earliest sign of weakness.

there is also no way to predict when these things rocket like that.

moreover, a lot of these small caps have crazy market caps with almost no revenue to support them. Namaste went from $.22 to $2.83 or something and they only have $2M a month in revenue and now a $500m+ market cap

there are literally dozens like that.

one bad news release and they tumble.

i can tell you a couple things… Invictus (IMH Canadian ticker) is trading at 1.2x asset value and is waiting on 2 licenses. It will run in 2018.

also, Cronos Group (MJN Canadian ticker) is $5ish right now and it will double in 2018. the US ETF that just went live picked these guys as their largest holding above Canopy Growth. They were up 15% in the US OTC market today.

I have thousands of shares of each of these companies and will try to add more in the coming weeks but i cam not really wiling to divest from other holdings. I’m very optimistic about 2018.


so since i posted the above on the 26th Cronos is up more than 30%.

I have a position in EAT / Nutritional High that was up 136% yesterday and about 60% today…lol

there has got to be a correction coming. this is ridiculous.


@bing what do you think this means, why would this cause BLOZF to go up 25%???

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE:BLO) (the “Company”) reports at the request of IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada), Cannabix wishes to confirm that the Company’s management is unaware of any material change in the Company’s operations that would account for the recent increase in market activity.


A lot of companies are putting that out after their stock runs heavily for a period.

I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times in the last few weeks.

These 3 trading days have been incredible.

The correction is going to hurt… it did last year. But it was worth waiting through.


just another day:


Somethings gotta give. I can’t keep making all this damn money broganson.


I could almost go buy a '12 MP4-12C with my gains… But gonna let it rrrriiiiiiiddddddeeeeee!!!


Damn I should have checked this thread earlier.


I’m not that baller, I could maybe buy a 360 Modena @bing


Yeah i could do one of those. but neither of us will… this shit is addictive. every time i sell a stock watch it afterwards and regret the gains i left. had i not sold ACB, APH, WEED back in Oct and kept them i would be up another $30k or more by now.


I am slightly conflicted for religious reasons, and just put myself through a crash course on trading and learning and trying to understand crypto. I don’t think I could juggle all of that at once. I dont have the capital for that anyway so I will just stick with crypto. Props to you guys though, sounds like you guys are making out good. I am still happy for myself, all things considering.

In the future I may get into stocks if crypto goes down the tubes. I wish I got into this type of work back when I spent over a year at home right after getting married in Belarus with nothing to do but make a few bucks on mTurk, when I could have put in 10k or so as seed capital.


Maybe you should join the church of getting high as balls @nermoria and it’ll change your mind LoLllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
@bing this is nothing, just wait till July 1st.


What’s july 1st? Lol between weed and crypto, plenty of money to be made :smiley:


July 1 is Canada rec legal.

At this point though the big boys are no longer trading on Canada. They are trading on Germany med legal, Australia med legal, Israel med legal and other distribution plays.

Mexico is going med legal in Q1 as well.

The big event (super catalyst) will be rescheduling or fed legal in the US. Everything in the US has lagged heavily to Canada but they are starting to catch up.

There will certainly be downs along the way though.


But really Canada is what the 3rd country to be entirely legal? Behind the Netherlands and Portugal? It is a common misconception that weed is legal in Jamaica.


Uruguay was the first.

To be honest, I never hear of the Netherlands being a rec market officially. Even though Canopy just announced a license and facility there it was mostly medical.


Bing you are correct, only the shops are allowed there.