Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


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Needs to be posted again



pretty sure that is getting updated as we speak.

some dudes on reddit were asking for the source material so i assume they are going to make it go to $34 :slight_smile:


Cars are gay, someone here should buy an airplane.

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NO PLANE’s ARE ALSO GAY, someone buy this!!!


What platform are you all using for purchases? This thread makes me want to cry. Better late than never


Jeff Sessions wants to make pot go away.


That’s an oversimplification. He’s simply enforcing the laws on the books that the Obama administration chose to turn a blind eye to. Doesn’t change anything.

Trumps stance was that recreational is a states issue and he’s been vocal supporting the medical side.

It’s up to congress to change the federal law that Sessions is charged with enforcing. We’ll get there eventually.


What a concept administrations following the law on the books :lol:


Sessions is obviously anti-pot. That’s not even a question. He likened pot to heroin. His opinion differs from Trump’s stance. Don’t make excuses for him.

I still doubt you’ll see much enforcement. You probably wouldn’t even be able to put a jury together to charge anyone.


There was a multi-billion dollar sell off at open this morning that got bought up HARD… dear Jesus if Jeff Sessions and Andrew Left (renown shorter that released a scathing assessment of Aurora yesterday) can’t even stop this train then who knows where we’re going.


It’s not about his opinion, it’s about the law. Sessions hasn’t changed the law because he can’t. So sessions can’t affect my gainzzz y0.


@Onyx_Z32 is too busy with weed stocks to post memes :smiley: :smiley:

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Lol I’m sorry I’m too busy with the crypto bug to see that you did hahah


Well I woke up at 5PM today and looked at BLOZF, lol there go my gains!


@Onyx_Z32 can advise. OTC pinks I believe or robinhood.

The US ETF is MJX.

I would happily get more expressive in here ticker by ticker if you guys are actually putting money in. I’m very active in this right now and doing a fair bit of actual DD.

Most of the companies are Canadian listed and all of their financials are available on www.sedar.ca


I’m not sure what he means by platform but I use fidelity.


Yes, but he’s changed the prioritization on enforcing the law.


Not priority; discretion. And,

… By giving discretion to federal prosecutors, the new DOJ policy could amount to nothing at all.

So other than media noise and politicians posturing it’s really nothing new.

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I’m using etrade and buying the pinks.

At the moment I only have a handful of my original Canopy shares. Had to take SOME out after 200%+ gains. Nearly at 300% 2 days ago but that’s shit’s dropped yesterday and looks like it’s doing the same today.

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Also about Jeff Sessions: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ypJdNQLEQyKW