Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


DAMN! I wanna check in on this second cup business. @bing it really only seems Canada is the only country doing much as far as investing money is concerned.

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        @bing - Second Cup’s stock is only 3.50 canadian. You holding any???


no im mostly weed now… and banks


Ah I kinda figured the coffee with weed thing may be up your alley. Ah no big.


second cup is not a serious coffee shop :slight_smile: i prefer independents with over priced stuff :slight_smile:


Lol serious or not, just fill my fucking wallet brO!!!


So trump’s comments today made me back about $10k… hopefully will be much more next week


ohhhh i just woke up, let me check the news!!!

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Very nice!!


today was good too. I hope the rest of the week is solid like this.


@bing Canopy seems to either go up or down several dollars at a time 4/5 days most week.

The price is currently sitting at 24.51 USD after a nice gain today, which makes me think it’s gonna drop like it always does. I put in a limit order to sell at 24.25 to buy back at my prediction of 23ish. I’m hoping I can beat the market on this one.


I’m not in canopy anymore but I’d buy and hold at this price.

The US plays are great long term holds now that Trump has signaled favorably.


big merger today with Aurora acquiring Medreleaf…

also, Canopy said to be listing in the US in June


I noticed it jumped 1.54 today! And I’ll have to check out that merger.


Jumped 3 god damn dollars wooooo


BLOZF Dickin the dog but I’m still a believer. Canopy fucking exploded.


last couple days have been good. today is weak thus far but will probably surge as teh vote passes.


I’ve asked this before @bing but which do you think is the better company? Aurora or Ahpria? This shit changes every day, lol.


Aphria imho is the better company, however, i dont hold any at this time. i did.

i recently bought into Aurora because of certain rumours that did not or have not yet come to pass but im up 20% in a month after getting back in to them.


Game on: Trump supports bill for MJ / States rights:



im surprised this didnt move the market much at all.

Marapharm has been leaking market cap fiercely. someone has to come and scoop up at least the assets above its share price right now.